Saturday, December 24, 2011

College Football Week 17 Ratings and Rankings - Boise State moves up

This week's ratings and rankings are now posted.  All of the regular season games are now complete.

With a few bowl games played, we see a few changes in the ratings and rankings.  The key move is Boise State moving up 4 spots after their drubbing of Arizona State.  Yes, ASU was on a down from a bad finish to the season, but a 32 point win over a decent BCS AQ conference school is still impressive.  Oregon only beat ASU by 14 which was their worst loss to this point.

The regular algorithm top-25 is below, the full rankings on the web-site.

1LSU95.73613-072.290+0, +0.092
2Alabama91.99211-171.416+0, +0.101
3Oklahoma St87.58711-172.696+0, +0.025
4Oregon85.53411-269.883+0, -0.252
5Boise St84.04312-165.715+4, +1.281
6Arkansas83.80910-271.015-1, +0.114
7Oklahoma83.0309-373.611-1, +0.036
8Wisconsin82.93911-266.590-1, -0.032
9Stanford82.68411-168.824-1, -0.210
10Southern Cal80.02210-270.531+0, -0.264
11Georgia79.74610-371.067+1, +0.195
12Michigan79.55410-268.533-1, -0.015
13South Carolina79.21610-270.154+0, +0.100
14Texas A&M78.7426-673.124+0, +0.030
15Baylor78.6909-371.994+0, +0.046
16Michigan St78.05210-368.228+0, -0.016
17TCU77.36411-264.115+2, +0.397
18Missouri77.2457-571.774-1, -0.058
19Kansas St77.20610-271.605-1, +0.013
20Houston76.55412-161.391+1, +0.279
21Nebraska76.3539-369.983-1, -0.019
22Notre Dame76.1268-470.308+0, -0.030
23Florida St75.8718-464.818+0, +0.023
24Texas75.6527-573.244+0, +0.001
25Southern Miss74.65812-262.626+1, +0.434