Monday, August 22, 2016

2016 USTA League Nationals schedule, Mobile a new location

Sectionals for USTA League are being played and completed in many sections leading up to Nationals.  That begs the question, when and where are Nationals for 2016?  This blog post will give you all those answers.

The past few years have seen Nationals predominantly played in the Southwest, specifically the Palm Springs area and Tucson or Phoenix Arizona.  This year, a new site is added to the rotation and it will make travel easier especially for those in the South but also the East as Mobile Alabama is hosting several divisions/levels.

I think one reason the Southwest has been chosen over the years is the high probability of dry weather which makes it far more likely than not that there won't be schedule issues due to weather.  While Mobile will be closer for many, what is the weather like there in October?  What do you think of this being a new location for Nationals?

But here we go with the schedule.  First 18 & Over.

9/23-252.5Mobile, AL
9/23-255.0+Mobile, AL
9/23-254.0Rancho Mirage, CA
10/7-93.0Surprise, AZ
10/7-93.5Mobile, AL
10/28-304.5Rancho Mirage, CA

And then 40 & Over.

10/14-163.0Tucson, AZ
10/21-233.5Rancho Mirage, CA
10/21-234.5+La Quinta, CA
10/28-304.0La Quinta, CA

Next, 55 & Over.

10/21-236.0 & 8.0Surprise, AZ
10/28-307.0 & 9.0Surprise, AZ

Last, Mixed.

11/4-618+ 7.0 & 9.0Tucson, AZ
11/4-640+ 6.0 & 8.0Surprise, AZ
11/11-1318+ 6.0, 8.0, & 10.0Tucson, AZ
11/11-1340+ 7.0 & 9.0Surprise, AZ

Good luck and have fun to all that get to go!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

USTA League 2016 Nationals start in just over a month!

USTA League Sectionals continued in a number of sections including Southern, Mid-Atlantic, Intermountain, Eastern, and more.  With the completion (well, almost in Southern, they finish Monday morning), more teams are headed to Nationals.

That means Nationals are right around the corner, and checking the calendar they start as early as September 23rd, barely over a month away.  If you are headed there, time to start getting ready!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Southern Section 40+ Sectionals 4.0 Women After Two Days - Too Close To Call!

The Southern section is holding their 40+ Sectionals this weekend, and the 4.0 women is as close as it could be.

Flight II has five teams playing round robin, each team will play four matches, and after two days, every team has at least one win and ever team has at least one loss.

Here are the standings:

North Carolina/Yeager1278

Yes folks, that is close.  Every match played has been 3-2 and the only difference between the teams that have played three times is a 3-2 win for Mississippi.  And of the 30 matches played so far, a full 13 of them have been match tie-breaks.

It is pretty rare that any team could still win going into Sunday, but that is the case here as any team could finish 3-1, or there could be a log-jam at 2-2 with every team finishing with that record.

Flight I is not nearly as close with Georgia/Murrah at 3-0 and Kentucky/Scanlan at 2-1, the rest with just one match win.

But Flight II should be exciting on Sunday!

Update:  One more match was recorded and Arkansas/Bennett won a match 4-1 and took the lead.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

2016 USTA League Pacific Northwest 18+ Sectionals Review

The 18 & over Sectionals for the Pacific Northwest were held this past weekend in Spokane and with the completion, teams have qualified for Nationals.

As has happened in the past, Northwest Washington (Seattle) cleaned up.

At the 2.5 level, the women saw two Seattle area teams face off with Robinswood beating TCSP 2-1 in the final.  The men played round robin and that resulted in Mill Creek winning the flight losing just one court in three matches.

The 3.0 level had the women having a repeat of local playoffs and two teams from Amy Yee playing, Troung getting the 3-2 win.  The men also had a repeat with TCSP beating ETC 4-1.

At the 3.5 level, the theme continued with Robinswood beating TCSP 5-0 for the women.  The men found a team from Portland make the final in MAC but they lost to a Seattle team from Harbor Square.

The 4.0 level women saw a Portland team make the final in TLTC, but they lost 3-2 to TCSP from Seattle.  The men saw another Seattle team from Amy Yee win 4-1 over a team that made the trek from Alaska!

The 4.5 level saw a women's team from Spokane make the final but lose 3-2 to Edgebrook from the Seattle area.  The men had the first non-Seattle winner as St. John from Portland beat Mercer Island 4-1.

Last, the 5.0+ level had a women's team from TCSP in Seattle win the round robin.  The men had STC from Seattle winning over a team from Bremerton.

So of the 20 finalists, 14 were from Seattle and of the 12 champions, an amazing 11 were from Seattle.

Congratulations to all.  Good luck at Nationals!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

2016 USTA League Pacific Northwest 18 & Over Sectionals Day 1 Review

I posted a preview of several of the levels in the PNW 18+ Sectionals going on this weekend in Spokane, so naturally it makes sense to take a look at things after day one.

The 3.0 men has SHC in the lead in flight A, with one minor upset under their belts, but they play another team ahead of them on paper today in TCSP.  Flight B has been tight with YTC pulling one minor upset but also having a loss, a tie at 2-1 looking entirely likely.

The 3.5 women has the two favorites in RBW and L&C leading in flight A but one with a loss and they still play each other, the winner being in control.  Flight B had the favorite being upset and the #2 seed in YTC leading the way.

The 4.0 men has flight A with the two favorites in Matt and SHC leading the way and flight B has the top-3 favorites all doing well.

The 4.5 women has third seed SC leading the way in flight A and the top-2 seeds in EDG and SPR leading in flight B.

Some important matches still to be played today.  Good luck teams.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

2016 USTA League Pacific Northwest 18 & Over Sectionals Preview

August is the month for PNW Sectionals, and the 18 & over is this coming weekend 8/12-8/14 in Spokane.  Here is a preview of some of the flights using my Estimated Dynamic NTRP Ratings and part of what is in a Sub-flight Report.

Note that for all of these previews, they don't necessarily indicate who will or won't win as who actually plays and how the line-ups match up and how guys/gals play on a given day is what really matters.

Here are the top-8 averages for the 3.0 Men:

Flight AESTC-Chance3.11
Flight BTLTC Shedd A183.08
Flight ATCSP-Suzuki3.07
Flight BETC-Kanade3.04
Flight ASHC-Moore3.03
Flight ACBRC-Petersen3.02
Flight BYTC-Jacky3.00
Flight BSAC-Looi2.99

Yes folks, these are 3.0 teams with top-8 averages well over 3.0.  It appears flight A may be a little tougher, but ESTC and TLTC are the favorites.  If they play their best players and play to their abilities, they may find themselves in the final.

The 3.5 Women stack up as follows:

Flight ARBW-Chen3.57
Flight BPTC-Meyer/Floyd3.54
Flight AL&C-Eames/Khalili3.48
Flight AVAC Wolfe-Hunter Fireballs3.45
Flight BYTC-Franklin3.41
Flight BTCSP-Acarregui3.41
Flight AESTC-McIrvin3.35
Flight BGlacier Gals3.32
A few teams are again averaging above level.  Flight A again appears a little tougher but the top-2 teams are in different flights and would be the favorites on paper to make the final.

The 4.0 Men look like this:

Flight BAYTC-One Hit Wonders 2-Hoang4.03
Flight AMatt3.99
Flight BLOTC-Hughes3.99
Flight ASHC-DeMoss3.92
Flight AYTC-BAMF3.87
Flight ALakewood Got Its3.83
Flight BK-Falls/Hughes3.82
Flight BSRC-Marshall-Wellens3.81
Flight B has the highest and lowest rated teams, but the top-2 teams are again in different flights so have a shot at making the final.

Last for this preview, the 4.5 Women:

Flight BEDG-Newby4.32
Flight AMPRC-Schumacher4.30
Flight BSPR Smash4.27
Flight ABETC-Schraeder4.25
Flight BMPRC-Warbington4.23
Flight ASC-Fennessy4.23
Flight BESTC-Grella4.19
Flight ASTAC Harn4.17
This is the first where the flights alternate, so again the top-2 teams could make the final.

With the flights being fairly balanced, it appears the folks at the Section have done a good job, whether by design or not, of making for a competitive Sectionals.

Interested in a level/flight I didn't preview?  Or want to see a full sub-flight report or even a team report for your team or the competition?  Contact me for more details, there is still time before Sectionals start to get that scouting done that could be the difference between advancing or not!

Monday, August 8, 2016

2016 USTA League Texas 18 & over Sectionals Review

Texas routinely sends strong teams to 18 & over Nationals, seven teams advanced to the final-four in 2014 and two teams won Nationals last year.  So with their Sectionals being played this weekend for the 4.0 levels and higher, it is time to review and see who is headed to Nationals.

For the analysis below, I asm using the top-8 average (top-5 for 5.0+) for each team as calculated from my Estimated Dynamic NTRP Ratings and included as part of my Sub-Flight Reports which are a great way to scout opponents at Districts or Sectionals.

For the 4.0 women, the two favorites, Wild Houston and NOHO, did not advance but other favorites from their flights did, Wichita Falls being the surprise, the surprise continuing as they won their semi and final 3-2 to move on to Nationals.

The 4.0 men saw the big favorite on paper, Wild Dallas, advance out of their flight along with NOHO, Austin, and surprise Wild Austin, NOHO taking the title also with two 3-2 wins in their semi and final.

The 4.5 women had San Antonio and Midland roll through their flights, both not the favorites, but the higher rated San Antonio took the win with a 3-2 score.

For the 4.5 men, 3-2 scores were in vogue again as each match in the semis and final had that score, Austin taking the win as the favorite in their flight over Wild Dallas in the final.

At the 5.0+ level, the women's round robin play found Austin taking three 2-1 wins pulling the upset over higher rated Houston.

Last, the 5.0+ men had Dallas pulling a small upset to get to the final where they pulled another upset of higher rated Fort Worth for the title.

The Texas 18+ Sectionals wraps up next weekend with the 3.5 and below levels playing, and there is still time to get reports to scout opponents.  Contact me if interested.

And Texas 40+ Sectionals will be in September, so get ready for those too.