Sunday, August 31, 2014

USTA League Florida Section early start ratings are out

The Florida section of the USTA has released their early start ratings for 2015 leagues that are starting this Summer/Fall.  See the page for separate men's/women's PDFs by subsets of the alphabet.

I did have a team check with me to see how I predicted the stays and bumps and my ratings went 7 for 7 correctly predicting 5 stays and 2 bump downs.

Friday, August 29, 2014

USTA League New England section early start ratings are out

Another section has released their early start ratings for 2015 leagues that are starting this Summer/Fall and it is New England.  There are separate PDFs for men and women.

I've heard from a number of Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Report customers that my estimates for them were correct and they were/weren't bumped up or down as I predicted.  But in an effort to have full disclosure, while I haven't done a comprehensive check, I also missed on a few I heard about, although all but two were by just a few hundredths.

Still, when you include how I did in predicting bumps in the Pacific Northwest, Texas, and Northern, I think I have a pretty good track record.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

2014 USTA League Pacific Northwest 18 & over Sectionals are complete - Northwest Washington cleans up!

This past weekend the Pacific Northwest section of the USTA held their 18 & over Sectionals and with their completion, teams are headed to Nationals.  Here is how the districts fared by gender and NTRP level.


  • 2.5 - Northwest Washington (Amy Yee)
  • 3.0 - Northwest Washington (Robinswood)
  • 3.5 - Northwest Washington (Bellevue Club)
  • 4.0 - Southern Oregon (Clackamas River Racquet Club)
  • 4.5 - Northern Oregon (Sunset Athletic Club)
  • 5.0 - Northwest Washington (Bellevue Club)


  • 2.5 - Northwest Washington (Robinswood)
  • 3.0 - Northwest Washington (Aces)
  • 3.5 - Northwest Washington (Robinswood)
  • 4.0 - Northwest Washington (Pro Club)
  • 4.5 - Northwest Washington (Sandpoint)
  • 5.0 - Northwest Washington (MICC)
Astoundingly, Northwest Washington took 10 of 12 levels and all of the mens!  I'm sure there was some grumbling from folks representing the other districts.  One wonders if this means folks in NWW are going to be more likely to be bumped up at year-end?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Observations from Pacific Northwest USTA League 18 & over Sectionals - Two teams played each three times AGAIN!

I just wrote about two 3.5 teams from Seattle that played each other three times in the same season; sub-flight, local playoffs, and Sectionals.  It turns out, it is very common!  At least this year it was, as another two teams from the Seattle area played each other three times.

These two teams were in the 4.5+ teams in the 40 & over division, Central Park and Amy Yee.

They were both in the same sub-flight in local league play where Amy Yee won 4-1 and won the sub-flight.

Both teams advanced to local playoffs where they met in the final, Amy Yee winning again 4-1.  But again, a wildcard allowed both teams to advance to Sectionals.

The teams were in different flights, but both won them going undefeated setting up the third match-up of the year.  Central Park did improve, but still lost 3-2 sending Amy Yee on to Nationals.

Observations from Pacific Northwest USTA League 18 & over Sectionals - Two teams play each other three times in a season

I was browsing through the results from the PNW Sectionals held in Spokane this weekend and came across an interesting situation where two teams from a local league where they played each other just once in their sub-flight ended up playing three times.

In the Men's 3.5 flight, the final came down to two Seattle area teams, and not just that, but two teams that were in the same sub-flight in local league play.

In their local sub-flight, Robinswood finished 10-1 with a 43-12 court record and 33 sets lost.  Mill Creek also finished 10-1, 43-12, but had 31 sets lost.  However, because head-to-head is the tie-breaker before sets lost this year, Robinswood's 3-2 win over Mill Creek put them in first place.  And one of those court wins was a match tie-break, so a very close match.

Both teams advanced to local playoffs where they met in the final, Robinswood winning 4-1 this time, one of the matches in a match tie-break.  However, because there was a wildcard for the Northwest Washington District, both teams advanced to Sectionals.

At Sectionals, the teams were in separate flights, and Robinswood went 4-0 to win theirs, while Mill Creek went 3-1 and 13-7 to tie with a team from North Idaho, but Mill Creek had won the head-to-head match 3-2, one in a match tie-break, to win the flight.  Thus, Mill Creek and Robinswood had their third meeting.

Alas, the third meeting was no different from the first two.  Robinswood won 4-1, this time only the one win by Mill Creek was a match tie-break so it was nearly a sweep.

So congratulations to Robinswood who is headed to Nationals and did so by beating a persistent Mill Creek team three times.

I have to think this is pretty rare, two teams playing three times each at different stages of the season. Has anyone heard of something similar?

Update: It turns out it is common.  See this.

More teams headed to USTA Nationals - Sectionals completed in Midwest, Pacific Northwest, and Northern California

USTA League Sectionals were completed in several sections including the Midwest, Pacific Northwest, and Northern California this weekend.  And playoffs continued with teams winning Districts and qualifying for Sectionals in other sections.  And I'm pleased to say that there were more than a few individual and team report customers that have advanced.

But playoffs aren't over yet.  A few more sections still have Sectionals to play, and October isn't that far away and that month will be filled with a different Nationals every weekend on into the first week of November this year.  Good luck to all the teams that advance and participate.

Friday, August 22, 2014

More teams vying to win their USTA League Sectionals and head to Nationals this weekend

At least two more sections wrap up their USTA League play this weekend holding Sectionals competition to determine what teams will advance to Nationals.

Northern California holds their 18 & over Sectionals in and around Monterey.  If everyone can avoid being distracted by the beautiful scenery, there should be some very good competition as Norcal regularly fields strong teams at Nationals.

The Pacific Northwest section also holds their 18 & over Sectionals in the Spokane area.  While not as well known as Monterey, Spokane is itself a beautiful city and the PNW also fares well at Nationals so the competition will be fierce amongst the teams trying to get there.

Good luck everyone!