Thursday, June 23, 2016

USTA Southern decides how to handle early start league players that get bumped up

I wrote earlier this year about the changes with Early Start Leagues, specifically that there will not be Early Start Ratings published this year and any 2017 leagues that start early in the Summer/Fall of 2016 will have players using their 2015 year-end ratings.

I also wrote about the issue that arises because of this, that sections must decide what to do with players that are bumped up at year-end.  Specifically, will they be able to continue playing at the lower level after year-end ratings come out and if so, for how long?  This decision is required because the USTA has said that bumped up players will not be able to play at their early start level at Nationals if they were bumped up at year-end.

I've heard that the Southern section has decided what to do and it is unfortunately to allow players to continue to play at their early start (lower) level through Sectionals.  Why do I say this is unfortunate?

In my opinion, allowing players to continue to play after they are bumped up and they know they won't be eligible to play at Nationals is not fair to their competition.  You could have a scenario where the team that wins Sectionals has half or more of its players that were bumped up and won't be eligible to go to Nationals.  So you could have a section champ sending a significantly weaker team to Nationals than played at Sectionals, or perhaps they can't even field one.  Sure, the runner up could then go, but what if they have the same situation?  How far back do you go?

And if the Sectional champ that now can't go to Nationals had a close 3-2 win at State, or even local playoffs, and kept another team that would be fully eligible from advancing on and having a chance to make it, that is quite unfair to them.

Even if the Sectional champ can field a team at Nationals, if they are missing their best players, they aren't going to represent the section well, so why would the section be in favor of doing this?

I understand the desire to let teams continue to play as long as possible, but playoffs should be considered a reward and in my opinion, limited to teams that you know will be eligible to continue to advance.

What do you think?

Monday, June 20, 2016

Hypothetical USTA Pacific Northwest Seattle Area 2017 Early Start List

As I wrote about earlier this year and you may know, the USTA is not publishing Early Start Lists this year.  There will still be 2017 Early Start Leagues though, so what this means is players in those leagues will simply use their 2015 year-end NTRP level to register for the teams rather than there being an Early Start level to be used.

I personally liked Early Start Lists as they served a purpose and helped ensure more equitable and fair play in the Early Start Leagues.  So not having them will introduce some challenges as there are now eligibility concerns if players are bumped up at year-end.  I wrote about how the PNW section is going to handle these issues and other sections are deciding their rules as well.

In the PNW section, we are nearing the time of year when the Early Start Lists would be released, and not only did players use these for registering for Early Start League teams but also as a mid-season check on where they stood and an indication of if they would be bumped up at year-end.  So what will players do without the list to check on their rating?

I've decided to go ahead and publish some "hypothetical" Early Start Lists as a free service to my readers and will start with a list for the Seattle area (Northwest Washington district).  Our 18+ and 40+ playoffs are complete and so the matches that would normally be part of the Early Start Ratings are complete.  You can see the list below.

But before you take a look at the list, a few comments and caveats.
  1. The list is based on my Estimated Dynamic NTRP Ratings.  This is not a list from the USTA and is not to be used for registering for Early Start Leagues.  It is only hypothetical.
  2. While my ratings are very accurate for the vast majority of players, they are not perfect and may be a few hundredths off in which case I could have a player at 3.52 and an early start 4.0 while their real rating is 3.49 which would be a 3.5.
  3. Early Start Ratings do not necessarily tell you what your year-end rating will be, even if you don't play any more matches.  Year-end calculations factoring in playoffs and how your area/district/section did in playoffs can move player's ratings up or down from the Early Start level.  And in the Seattle area, our One Doubles league does count towards year-end ratings so those results can change a player's rating.
  4. If you don't see your name and you expected a bump up/down, or you see your name and are surprised and want to know why, contact me at and I can give you details on how to get an Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Report that will give all the background on why your estimated rating is where it is.

With that said, on to the list!  The below shows only those players that I estimate would be bumped up or down on the Early Start List and I simply show a name, city, and the hypothetical Early Start level.  If your name isn't shown, I estimate your rating to be unchanged.

First the women:

A Rene KellyBellingham3.0
Ada KoMercer Island3.0
Adrienne RoeslerSeattle4.5
Akiko ProkopSeattle4.0
Akiko SuzukiSammamish4.5
Ali UpsahlSeattle2.5
Alicia AlbergSeattle2.5
Alina BibireataBellevue3.0
Alison HerberSeattle3.5
Allison Kathryn GreggCamas3.0
Amanda Erin GollSeattle2.5
Amanda Lamb WeaverSeattle3.0
Amy Christine HigginsIssaquah3.0
Amy CooperSeattle4.0
Amy L. RagenSeattle4.0
Ana M. TessadroSeattle4.5
Andrea WickhamSeattle3.5
Andreana RochaKirkland4.5
Anette VegarraBellevue4.0
Angela CummingsKenmore3.0
Angela DeppeSeattle3.0
Angela LiEverett4.0
Angela TaylorBellevue3.5
Angela YoungSeattle3.0
Angelyn RegalaSeattle4.0
Angie R KarrMill Creek3.5
Anita F. PenuelasSeattle3.0
Anita ZuidwegSammamish3.5
Ann ChenSeattle3.5
Ann DillonSeattle4.0
Ann FinnanSeattle4.0
Ann K. PetersonMercer Island3.5
Ann KaillBellevue3.5
Ann TimmerFerndale4.5
Anna KarlinSeattle3.0
Anne Arries CorsanoSeattle4.5
Anne M. RothLake Forest Park3.5
Anne Marie GlennyBellevue4.0
Archana KumarBothell4.0
Arden KuhnRedmond4.5
Arthe K. LeeSeattle4.0
Asa WattsIssaquah3.5
Ashley SchellhasSeattle5.0
Barb OmahenSeattle4.0
Barbara A SchaferSeattle3.0
Barbara Ann WoodSammamish3.0
Barbara CovalNorth Bend3.0
Barbara H. LehrAuburn2.5
Barbara HartmanBellevue2.5
Barbara J GallinaBellingham3.0
Barbara J. SmithKent2.5
Barbara O'HalloranSeattle3.0
Becky Lynn HughesRenton4.0
Beth D. Lehman-BrooksWoodinville4.5
Bette MansfieldCovington3.5
Betty Ruth KoonBellingham2.5
Beverly A. LuethEverett3.5
Beverly L. EvansSammamish3.5
Bianca MarcuSeattle3.5
Billi J. DunningSeattle4.0
Blair Cameron StoneSeattle3.0
Bo XiaoBellevue3.5
Bree OlofsonSeattle2.5
Bridget GreenbergBellevue3.0
Brooke GilbertSeattle3.5
Cara YoungSeattle3.5
Carey Crutcher SmithRedmond3.5
Carmen AlmodovarBellevue4.0
Carmen Annette Dolfo-GarrisonBellingham4.0
Carol A. ReaEdmonds3.5
Carol A. StoverBainbridge Is2.5
Carol L. BuckinghamKirkland3.5
Carol McGrathSeattle3.0
Carol NissenSeattle3.0
Carolyn KitchellSeattle2.5
Carrie J. WallaceSeattle3.0
Caryn AndrewsBellingham2.5
Catherine L. GreenSeattle4.0
Catherine MorelloSnohomish3.0
Cathy G. RamsaySeattle4.5
Cathy HabibBellevue3.5
Celeste B RaceWoodinville3.5
Celeste J SatherBothell3.5
Cheryl EscobidoWoodinville3.0
Cheryl LeidleKirkland3.5
Christie BiesoldMercer Island2.5
Christina JonesSeattle4.0
Christina Maria DemopulosMercer Island3.5
Christina N MertenSeattle3.5
Christine M. HayesSammamish4.5
Christine R. MillerKirkland3.5
Christy Alane SchenckWoodinville3.0
Chunyan XieBellevue4.0
Cindy A BoettgerCovington2.5
Cindy L. RintalaMedina4.0
Colleen TracyEverett3.0
Corinne K WalshBellevue3.0
Cory L. JacobsonLake Forest Park3.0
Cory NaSeattle4.0
Cres T. ViloriaRenton2.5
Cris R. JaffeYarrow Point3.5
Cristi SearlsIssaquah3.0
Cynthia Denise PadillaShoreline3.0
Cynthia Kay AnonsenKirkland3.0
Cynthia L. ShimizuIssaquah3.0
Dana BradSammamish3.0
Dani McIntyreSeattle3.5
Danielle K. AdamsWoodinville2.5
Dawn J SniderBainbridge Island4.0
Deanna K LatendresseLakewood4.0
Deborah BarnardSammamish3.5
Deborah M. StrattonKirkland3.5
Dena R Murray-MulbergSeattle3.0
Denise N. SylvesterSeattle3.5
Denise RattiKenmore4.0
Denise RyanSeattle3.0
Diana HaseganKirkland4.0
Diana KuntzKirkland3.0
Diane LangstraatSeattle3.0
Dolores SchmidtClayton4.0
Donnie Claire NorthLake Forest Park3.0
Dorrie K JohnsonMill Creek3.5
Duyen TruongSeattle3.5
Edna A GossageBellevue3.5
EJ BlanchfieldSeattle2.5
Elisa McGeeSeattle3.5
Elizabeth GravesRedmond3.0
Elizabeth HayesMill Creek3.5
Ella Louisa JuradoSeattle2.5
Ellen J. DorrSeattle3.5
Ellen K. SneedSeattle2.5
Ellen Marie KubesBothell2.5
Ellen S. JohnsonShoreline4.0
Emiko I WayBellevue3.5
Emily BarrettSeattle3.5
Emily BradleySeattle3.5
Emily ForsterSeattle3.5
Emily SwansonSeattle2.5
Erin E HostetlerSpokane4.0
Erin HathawaySeattle3.5
Erin LinkSeattle4.5
Frances ChapmanMercer Island3.5
Fuxiu YangRedmond3.5
Gail C. JenkinsBurien3.0
Gillen NagyRedmond3.5
Gina Craig McSweeneyBellevue4.0
Gina NarkunasBellevue3.0
Glyde Hart KingSeattle3.0
Grace NewmanBellevue3.0
Greta AustinSeattle4.5
Greta DedmonBellevue3.5
Gwen S. NomiBellevue3.5
Gwendolyn McCawSeattle3.5
Haena MullenRedmond4.0
Haley J. ZeylmakerRenton4.0
Heather A GertmenianKirkland3.0
Heather Brady MurchSeattle2.5
Heather L MorrowBothell4.0
Heather McEachranBellevue3.5
Heather RobertsonBellevue3.0
Heidi Marie LoweSeattle4.0
Heidi Marie SutterSammamish4.5
Heidi Susan ScalzoBellevue3.5
Helen R OmandBellevue3.5
HienNguyen T NguyenRenton4.0
Hiroko KomiyaBellevue3.0
Holly S. AndersonEverett4.0
Holly WrightRedmond4.0
Holly YangBellevue4.0
Ildi H KovesMercer Island3.0
Indu P. ElliottKirkland3.5
Iyengo Soibi Andrew-JajaSeattle3.0
Izumi SullivanAuburn3.0
J R ThompsonEdmonds3.5
Jackie McCormickSeattle2.5
Jacquelyn JaechSeattle3.5
Jacquie D. HartmannMercer Island4.0
Jacylyn P. StokesLodi3.5
Jaimie A. StarkSeattle4.0
Jaimie SheaMercer Island3.5
Jaisve Alejandra OcheaSnoqualmie3.5
Jamie BlandBellevue3.5
Jamie Lynne SchroederSeattle3.5
Jan Louise ReynoldsEdmonds3.0
Janell L. CostanzoDes Moines4.0
Janet Lui-HansenBellevue3.5
Janet Sue BlodgettMaple Valley2.5
Janice MerlinoSeattle3.5
Janie MathesonBurien3.0
Jeanie Van AmenBellevue2.5
Jenean R. CreasonSammamish3.5
Jenifer DiegelSammamish4.0
Jenni VolkSeattle3.0
Jennifer Aichele VanaShoreline4.0
Jennifer BullisBellevue3.5
Jennifer L HineBellingham4.0
Jennifer Lynne YerkesSeattle3.0
Jennifer McIntoshSeattle3.5
Jenny Marie PinkertonBrier3.0
Jenny WyattSeattle3.5
Jensen NelsonNormandy Park3.0
Jesenka BerberovichSeattle2.5
Jesse ChuteRenton3.0
Jessica LundKirkland4.0
Jessica PriceSeattle3.0
Jiarui GeRedmond3.0
Jill M. EngSeattle3.5
Jill S. QueenBainbridge Island4.0
Joanne G. JacobyMercer Island3.5
Joanne Madeline BeckettBainbridge Island3.5
Juanita KraghtRenton3.0
Judit VelcsovSammamish3.0
Judy M. TeshimaSeattle3.5
Juli SanchezSeattle3.0
Julia ClarkeSeattle3.0
Julia E PollockIssaquah3.5
Julie D MeyerKenmore3.5
Julie DijulioBellevue3.0
Julie L. ClarkIssaquah3.5
Julie StillmanMercer Island4.0
Julie VaronRenton3.0
Julie WebterSammamish3.0
Juliet W. RomanoSeattle3.5
Juliette S. KellySeattle3.0
Kaji DysonSeattle3.5
Karen BaeblerSeattle4.0
Karen HoiemSammamish3.0
Karen J. FeltonSeattle3.5
Karen LucasSeattle2.5
Karen S RossSeattle3.5
Karen W. GahmSnohomish2.5
Kari Alyce KuipersBurien4.0
Kari Ambrose AggerholmSeattle4.5
Karolina SimonsSeattle4.5
Karrie Cho KohSeattle3.5
Kasey BowerLynden4.0
Kate J. DieveneyLake Forest Park4.5
Katherine Rs TarabochiaKirkland3.5
Kathleen NolanBellevue4.0
Kathy McPhersonMill Creek2.5
Kathy TsutsumotoBellevue3.0
Katie BaileySnohomish3.5
katie busbySeattle3.0
Kay M. JohnsonSeattle4.0
Kayla EvansSeattle3.5
Kazumi TsuboikeRedmond3.5
Kelly Anne NolanBellingham4.5
Kelly Erin SheweySeattle3.5
Kelly MorrowBainbridge Island4.0
Kerrie Joy RoseBellevue4.0
khaliun enkhjargalSeattle4.5
Kim PoplawskiBellevue4.5
Kim TaylorSeattle4.0
Kim Van EkstromRedmond3.5
Kimberly A. CunninghamLynnwood3.5
Kimberly Anne SahlinSeattle4.0
Kimberly WongBellevue3.5
Kirara KamoBellevue3.5
Kirsten MullinsSeattle3.0
Kris KadoshimaSeattle3.5
Kris StimpsonBellevue3.5
Kristen DePewSeattle3.5
Kristi D DuganKent3.0
Kristi N. MageeShoreline3.5
Kristin A. LokeSeattle2.5
Kristin GibsonClyde Hill4.5
Kristin MeldahlSeattle3.5
Kyong-Ae SchulzNormandy Park3.5
Lamona RoosendaalShoreline4.0
Lanise Alexandria LAUBESeattle4.0
Lara KwiatkowskiKirkland2.5
Laura J. LaunSeattle3.5
Laura LundKirkland4.5
Laura TargettSeattle3.5
Laura WachterSeattle3.5
Lauren Anne MincinSammamish3.5
Lauren J. AndersonKirkland3.0
Lauren Slavin ConroySeattle3.5
Laurie A. HofmannSnohomish3.5
Laurie FedermanRedmond4.0
Laurie FurumasuNewcastle4.0
Laurie J. SommervilleSeattle2.5
Laurie JacobsonMedina3.5
Laurie MillerBainbridge Island3.0
Leah V. VitcovichEdmonds3.0
Lesley ChildressSeattle3.0
Leslie Fine BernsteinMercer Island4.0
Liane Renee KoesterBellingham3.5
lien maiMercer Island3.5
Lila Kathleen HughesNormandy Park2.5
Lilette PlayerWoodinville3.0
Liliia OzerskaWoodinville3.5
Linda AugustineSeattle3.5
Linda GreenlawBellevue3.0
Lindy OdlandSeattle3.5
Lisa AskewLynnwood4.0
Lisa M. DebiecSeattle4.0
Lisa MckennySeattle4.0
Lisa NordaleMercer Island3.5
Lisa OkimotoMill Creek2.5
Lisa Sweeney CaputoMercer Island3.0
Liv FinneSeattle3.5
Liz SilkeMercer Island3.0
Logan Marie BaxterLynnwood3.0
Lois NewellShoreline3.5
Lora PappasEdmonds3.0
Lori B. BienhoffSeattle2.5
Lori Jean FallonSammamish3.5
Luna WangSeattle4.0
Lydia OligerBurien4.0
Lydia S SunKirkland4.0
lyna t nguyenTukwila4.0
Lynette AinslieEdmonds3.0
Maggie MillerBainbridge Island3.5
Man Wing LamShoreline4.5
Mandi ChenSammamish4.0
Mara Renee FerrariBellevue4.0
Marcie Rene GlennIssaquah4.0
Maren Holmquist GibsonBellevue3.5
Margaret Ann HeimSeattle2.5
margaret suttonMill Creek4.0
Mari Isabel MolineMercer Island3.5
Maria SimsMercer Island3.5
Marie ArLee FaheyMukilteo3.0
Marla J. VasilatosBothell3.0
Martha B. DuHamelSeattle3.5
Martha Kelley HeschSeattle3.5
Mary BattisonSeattle3.0
Mary C. OgbornSeattle4.0
Mary CzerwinskiKirkland3.0
Mary F. VanhoutenEverett3.5
Mary FitzgeraldBellevue3.5
Mary J. RorvikAuburn3.0
Mary Jo LaneSammamish3.0
Mary Jo LeonardsonBurien3.0
Mary LaneSeattle3.5
Mary LangPoulsbo4.0
Mary PrieveLake Forest Park2.5
Mary Swift TurnerSeattle3.5
Mary Tedd AllenSeattle2.5
Mary Y. ChiBellevue3.5
Marybeth Ekar AlwoodSeattle3.5
Megan BassettiSeattle4.5
Megan EidenBainbridge Island3.5
Melanie LudickKirkland4.0
Melissa J. DeloozeBellevue3.5
Michele LesnikBainbridge Island3.5
Michelle GramSeattle3.0
Michelle NguyenBothell3.5
Michelle Y LinMedina4.0
Mindi Noelle PearseMercer Island3.5
Mindy M PedersenSeattle3.5
mistie ann andersonSeattle4.0
MJ SongSeattle2.5
Molly FortMercer Island3.5
Molly ReischlingSeattle4.0
Monica S. SuryanBellevue3.5
Monna MaddyMill Creek3.0
Mutsumi LocklearRenton4.0
Nancy CherngLake Forest Park4.5
Nancy DalyBellevue4.5
Nancy GoldbergKirkland3.0
Nandini ShrinidhiBellevue3.5
Naomi J KnightMercer Island3.5
Natasha JoannetteKent2.5
Nicki NelsonSeattle3.5
Nozipho N Bujela-KaragianesSeattle3.0
Olga FischerSeattle5.0
Olivia PisunyerSeattle3.0
Olivia SalinasBellevue3.5
Paige NilsenSeattle3.0
Pamela A KrausSeattle3.5
Pamela KellerBellevue2.5
Patricia A. SolbergSeattle2.5
Patricia HoughtonKenmore4.0
Patricia M BrookeSeattle3.0
Paula I. ParkerWoodinville4.0
Pauline Yokota AndersonEdmonds3.0
Pimwalan CheerakuptNewcastle3.5
Polly KenefickSeattle3.0
Precious F. PuttickMercer Island3.0
Que-Phuong TranKent3.0
Quynh TranSeattle2.5
Rachael BaldwinBainbridge Island3.5
Ramona SchraederOrting4.0
Rebecca A. StappOlympia4.5
Rebecca BratlienKirkland3.0
Rebecca sue NguyenMukilteo4.0
Renee BibeaultRedmond3.0
Renee WaltzIssaquah3.5
Rie TeradaBellevue3.5
Risa KanekoPuyallup5.0
Rixing XuBellevue5.0
Robin E. AronsonSeattle3.5
Robin J McLaneSeattle3.5
Robyn Marie MattisWoodinville3.5
Run XueBellevue3.0
Ruoh-Shin LumpkinKirkland3.0
Sadie DedonRenton3.5
Sally A. FerrinSnohomish4.0
Sally Jo Devine WrightPuyallup4.0
Sally MartinMercer Island3.5
Sally RevereSeattle3.5
Sara AddicottSeattle3.5
Sara Breene SheltonSeattle3.0
Sara KuhlShoreline3.5
Sarah MejlaenderBellevue4.0
Sarah PabstKirkland4.0
Sarika CallaKirkland3.5
Sharon Elaine FarrellRedmond3.5
Shelley HadawaySeattle4.0
Shelley HolmBellevue3.0
Shelley L. ChapmanIssaquah3.5
Shelly M. BreedloveBothell3.5
Sherri JohnsonSeattle3.0
Sherry Diane BiereIssaquah3.0
Sherry HartleyTacoma3.5
Shu J ScottSammamish3.0
Sigrid Ann AchtmannRedmond3.5
Sonja GrosetLake Forest Park3.5
Stacey Holley McFaddenBainbridge Island3.5
Staci Cross FosterSeattle4.0
Stacia G. MarshallPuyallup4.0
stacie feinsteinSeattle3.0
Stephanie A PlatisSeattle4.0
Stephanie Anne PageBainbridge Island3.5
Stephanie RileyBellevue3.5
Stormi DanisKirkland3.5
Sue BonnerNormandy Park3.5
Sue Lee-ChanBellevue3.5
Sue SchoettlerUniversity Place4.0
Summer ThanSeattle3.5
Sun ChaneyClyde Hill3.5
Susan A. FyallKenmore3.0
Susan M. StanleyBellevue3.0
Susan MersereauSeattle3.5
Susan R CasabonaSeattle3.5
Susan ShyneMercer Island3.0
Susan ThornbergSeattle3.5
Susan Y. KushibuchiMukilteo4.0
Susanna HokeSeattle4.0
Takako ChavezBellevue3.0
Tammie Van DiestMedina3.0
Tamra GodfreySeattle4.5
Teresa Anne KingBothell3.0
Terri SmithRenton3.0
Terri WeintraubSeattle4.0
Tessa RawitzerBellingham3.0
Tina Michelle SypherSammamish3.5
Tobey Jean BryantMedina3.5
Tomomi Adachi GaoNewcastle3.5
Toni KramerCamano Island3.5
Tonya M. WhitlockSedro Woolley4.5
Tracy NoffsingerBellevue3.5
Tracy Wade StrandSammamish3.5
Tricia M SchrothClyde Hill3.5
Trina Anderson CoopriderSeattle4.5
Trina HollomonSeattle3.5
Victoria YoungSeattle3.5
Wendy A. WarnerBellingham4.0
Wendy HarperSeattle3.0
Wendy LairdSeattle2.5
Wendy PersonettSeattle4.0
Wendy SowersMercer Island3.0
Yen NguyenEverett3.5
Young KimMukilteo3.5
Yuka KimuraBellevue4.0

And the men:

Adam HassonSeattle2.5
Adam LarsonSeattle3.5
Akram HusseinSammamish3.0
Alan C. RegalaSeattle5.0
Albert L. LuBellevue4.5
Alberto A. RamirezBrier3.5
Alex M. YeeSeattle4.5
Allen ChanBellevue3.5
Allen Jed GeltzerMercer Island3.5
Amador jesus YeverinoEverett3.0
Andrew CookSeattle4.0
Andrew W DicksonOlympia4.0
Andrew YgonaBurien4.0
Andy RottlerSeattle3.5
Antoine HaasBellevue3.5
Ashkaan JaberiBellevue3.0
Bala C PedapalliLake Forest Park3.5
Ben FalkAnn Arbor4.5
Benjamin TudorSeattle4.5
Bertrand De BoutraySeattle3.5
Bhanu PurohitKirkland4.0
Bill ZinckLake Forest Park4.0
Bin WangBellevue4.0
Bing LiNewcastle3.0
Blake S. SedlacekMercer Island3.5
Bob W. WydaLake Forest Park3.5
Brad TeeterMount Vernon4.0
Brad Walter SmallwoodBellevue3.5
Brendan Alexander O'NeillSeattle4.5
Brent ChinFederal Way4.5
Brett ShellSeattle4.0
Brian A. AndersonEdmonds4.5
Brian Christopher JohnsonBothell4.0
Brian D. MurphySeattle5.0
Brian JortnerSeattle3.5
Brian MilesSnoqualmie4.5
Brian N. NambaBellevue3.5
Bruce A. LudwigKirkland3.0
Bruce AddisonSeattle4.0
Caleb BlumSeattle4.0
Cameron B. RagenSeattle4.5
cameron hykesMercer Island4.0
Chad Alan DierickxSeattle5.0
Chad Eugene MonenMercer Island3.5
Chandler FurmanSeattle4.0
Charles H SchaferSeattle3.5
Charles KimMukilteo4.0
Chris FaheyMercer Island4.5
Chris G BinghamHunts Point4.0
Chris MinakerEdmonds4.0
Chris NelsonSammamish4.0
Chris RomneyKirkland4.5
Chris ScalzoBellevue4.0
Chris SchubertSeattle3.5
Christopher Ryo DePaivaSeattle4.0
Chung-Wei KuoSeattle3.5
Claus MinetSammamish4.5
Craig BrownsonSeattle3.0
Dan EshnerIssaquah4.0
Dan L. JordtSammamish3.0
Daniel A. HalosSeattle4.0
Daniel LuBellevue4.0
Daniel LumEverett3.5
Daniel MejiaSeattle3.5
Daniel Voorhees WilkinsonShoreline3.5
Daood KhwajaBellevue3.0
Darrell CorneliusAnacortes3.5
Darren Robert GrimsteadBellevue3.5
David Allan FellerYarrow Point4.5
David BeckBellevue4.0
David DoudMedina4.5
David EbelSeattle4.5
David HaugeMercer Island3.5
David ParkBellevue3.5
David Robert DouglasIssaquah3.0
David VaisarBellevue3.0
Dean R. StrongEdmonds3.5
Dennis Alex BurlingameBeaux Arts3.5
Dennis John IsaacsonSammamish3.5
Dennis NguyenTukwila4.5
don myersSeattle3.5
Donald AllenMill Creek4.0
Doni WanatWoodinville3.0
Doug SkrobutSeattle3.5
Dragan JagnjicRenton3.5
edward mike KeanKent3.5
Eichi ToyoizumiSeattle4.5
Er-Jia MaoShoreline3.5
Eric AndersonSeattle3.5
Eric BotterbuschEverett3.5
Eric BrandenfelsMedina3.5
Eric RothenbergMercer Island3.5
Evan R. CohnPortland4.0
Farhad GhassemiSeattle3.5
Fiachra O'DeaIssaquah4.0
Francis WuSeattle3.0
Gabriel D WiehleLake Forest Park3.0
Garrett VincentCocolalla5.0
Gary ChungRenton4.0
Gaylord Mitchell KelloggSeattle3.5
George C. HuangMill Creek5.0
George StarkMukilteo2.5
Georgie MathewsSeattle3.0
Girish BhatiaSammamish4.5
Gregory P. SkaggsBellevue4.5
Gregory WelchSeattle3.5
Ham KangFife4.0
hao chenSammamish4.5
Haseeb AhmedBellevue3.0
Henry OsiasBellevue2.5
Henry RawasBellevue3.0
Ian TurnerSeattle4.5
Ivan Pare desEverett4.5
James F. DieveneyLake Forest Park4.5
James J BuckwalterSeattle3.0
James R FreemanEdmonds3.0
James S. Del AlcazarSeattle3.0
James ScholtenSeattle3.5
james tjoaSeattle3.5
Jason BloomMercer Island4.0
Jason BurnsSeattle3.5
Jason ChenAnn Arbor4.5
Jay Austin WellanMonroe3.5
Jeff BaileySnohomish3.5
Jeff BlackburnSeattle4.0
Jeff S. LumBellevue4.0
Jeff Yu Yu LinWoodinville3.5
Jeffrey AbramEdmonds4.0
jeffrey haesslerSeattle3.5
Jeffrey RichardsMercer Island5.0
Jeong LeeAuburn4.5
Jeremy M. ZuckerSeattle3.5
Jesse SchoutenAnthem5.0
Jim LamoureuxKirkland4.0
Jim PearseMercer Island2.5
Jim RutledgeMonroe4.0
Jim StanfillKenmore3.0
jim teichmanBrier3.5
Jim WagnerMaple Valley4.5
Joe FarahRenton3.0
Joe PrinceSeattle3.0
Joe TurcotteSeattle2.5
Joel ErtsgaardShoreline2.5
Joel N. BodineShoreline4.5
John A. FollisMill Creek4.5
John de CarvalhoRedmond3.0
John E. ReyesRedmond3.0
John HoganSeattle2.5
John Thomas HughesNormandy Park3.5
John ToutonghiSeattle3.5
John W. Ray-KeilSeattle4.5
Jonny TatSeattle4.5
Joseph M. MucciSeattle3.5
Josh A EvansSeattle4.0
Jovan PopovicSeattle5.0
Juan Domingo LopezSeattle2.5
Justin BirdRedmond3.5
Justin Bynon vonGortlerKirkland3.5
Justin H. HanMukilteo4.0
Justin KinneyUnion4.0
Justin MadisonClyde Hill4.0
Kaiser LondoMedina3.0
Kay Thanh ToSeattle4.0
keith hwangShoreline4.5
Kenneth Alan DrakeShoreline3.5
Kenneth ChoBellevue4.0
Kenneth DangLynnwood3.0
Kent vanAlstyneTacoma4.5
Kevin NguyenSeattle4.0
Kevin Tung Van VuSeattle4.0
Kevin YoungSeattle4.0
Kim W. HendersonEverett3.5
Kolt KaneshiroBellevue4.0
Konstantin SurkovSnohomish3.5
Kris HubbardBothell3.5
Kubilay CelebiEverett2.5
Kyle A. SchraederOrting5.0
Kyle S. MooreOlympia4.0
Kyle StalkerSeattle4.5
Larry deGroenSeattle3.5
laurent bollagSeattle3.5
Lijun BaiMukilteo3.0
Lloyd SandquistMill Creek4.0
Loren A. CallahanSeattle5.0
Loren KutzBellevue3.5
Luke H PakIssaquah2.5
Manato HiraiBellevue4.0
Mark AldersonBainbridge Island4.5
Mark CallaghanSeattle3.5
Mark FurumasuNewcastle3.5
Mark HinchenCamano Island3.5
Mark Paul WilliamsSeattle3.0
Mark VilliottWoodinville3.5
Matthew CaoNewcastle3.5
Merlan Scot WoolworthSnohomish4.0
Michael Anthony VaraSeattle3.0
Michael B. SladeSeattle3.5
Michael BarberRedmond3.0
michael bowersEverett3.5
Michael CostelloKirkland5.0
Michael D. RossMercer Island3.5
Michael DixSeattle3.0
Michael E WarsinskeSeattle3.5
Michael J NolanBellevue3.5
Michael James AdamsBellingham3.5
Michael K. SekinsYarrow Point3.5
Michael McGeeSeattle3.5
Michael NewmanSeattle3.0
Michael RicherBainbridge Is3.5
Michael Scott McCrawSammamish3.5
Michel DruelleMukilteo3.5
Mick S. HortonMountlake Terrace4.0
Mike J. ZorichBellevue3.0
Mike PriceLake Forest Park3.5
Mike RayburnBellevue3.5
Min-Hsao ChenSeattle3.0
Min-Jae KimSeattle3.5
Murali NallappaRedmond3.5
Myles Halemano MatiasSammamish4.5
Myron Lance EgbersAnacortes3.5
Nam TranKirkland3.0
Nammy TranSeattle3.0
Nathaniel J. SwanKirkland2.5
Nelson AsabaBellevue4.0
Nelson Garcia-JonesCamano Island3.5
Nicholas EchelbargerWoodway3.0
Nick EitelSeattle4.0
Nick WeckerAuburn4.5
Nicolas BehrKirkland4.5
Nicos Loucas TsilasSammamish4.0
Nigam Anil ShahRenton3.5
Noel L. BalantacSeattle3.5
Patrick BoyleRenton4.0
Patrick BremSeattle3.5
Paul KirchhofferRenton4.0
Paul Lawrence MarshallMukilteo3.0
Paul W. ReedSeattle3.0
Peter M. WachterSeattle4.0
Petrus WongBellevue3.5
Phi Ngoc HoangSeattle3.0
phillip leTukwila3.5
Pierce Yichi ZhangBellevue3.5
Prashant SharmaEdmonds3.5
Randall J UyenoBellevue3.0
Randy McAlpinSeattle4.5
Ray A. HisayasuKirkland3.0
Raymond LimSeattle3.0
Rei NaoiSeattle4.5
REX TANRenton4.5
Rich JohnsonStanwood3.5
Richard B. OstranderKirkland3.0
Richard DeitzGig Harbor4.5
Richard Lawrence FurmanSeattle3.5
Richard MarKenmore3.5
Richard SimpsonNorth Bend4.0
Rick AntezanaBellevue3.5
Rick OdomLake Stevens3.0
Rick ValentiSeattle3.0
Rob R DunnBellevue3.5
Rob V. CondiottyNewcastle5.0
Robert C. MooreBothell3.5
Robert E. WilliamsSammamish3.5
Robert McCarthyBellingham4.0
Robert MeyerKirkland4.0
Robert Ray SimpsonMercer Island4.0
Rodney G. YenSammamish4.0
Roger A. MarkMill Creek4.0
Roger TerriereSeattle4.0
Roman A. PepeSeattle4.0
Ronald C. MulbergSeattle4.5
Rony SalemSnoqualmie4.0
Rosendo P. ValenzuelaLake Stevens4.5
Ross A. LaursenKirkland4.5
Ross NicholsSeattle4.0
Ross Willis ClawsonBellingham3.0
Rufus H. ChadwickSeattle4.0
Ryan C KearnyKirkland3.5
Ryan LambertSeattle3.5
Samuel KooClyde Hill4.0
Scott Allan GriffBellevue4.5
Scott BarnesonMercer Island4.0
Scott Ford ReadingRedmond3.5
Scott NguyenMercer Island3.5
Scott Thomas ChapmanShoreline3.5
Scott ThomsonMercer Island3.0
scott tyler goldfarbSammamish3.5
Seth R SchwartzSeattle3.5
Seth ZeichnerSeattle3.0
Shane M. CaskeyMill Creek4.5
Shankar Mathiah NanjundanKirkland3.5
Shu Steve ChenBellevue3.5
Srish SawkarSammamish3.5
Stephen LewisBellingham3.0
Steve ChavezSeattle3.5
Steve ErshigBellingham3.5
Steve HutchinsPort Orchard4.5
Steven ColeBellevue3.5
Steven GordonLake Forest Park3.5
Steven Inkyu KimEverett4.0
Steven Joseph DeGraciaMercer Island3.5
Steven K CornwellBellingham3.0
Stewart ToshachLA Conner4.0
Sungmin AnSeattle4.5
Surya PotturuSammamish3.5
Terry DoddBellevue3.5
Thadeus Cyrus CacanindinSeattle4.0
Thomas HeiNewcastle3.0
Thomas IsarankuraSeattle4.5
Thomas R LachenmaierSeattle4.0
Tim A. HinthornSeattle3.5
Timm SanfordLangley3.0
Timothy Gerald WheelerRenton3.5
Toan B. CungMill Creek3.5
Tom WasilIssaquah4.0
Tomas SuarezSeattle4.0
Tony A ThompsonEdmonds4.5
Troy KingBothell3.5
Tyler James FullerSeattle3.5
Vagner Ferreira GodoiBothell3.5
vaishak suvarnaMercer Island3.5
Varun SainiSammamish3.5
Venkata MahankaliBothell4.0
Vijay GaikwadBellevue3.5
Vu H. ToSeattle4.0
Wilfred Guy AmsdenEdmonds2.5
William C McCurdyRedmond3.0
William CharSeatac3.5
William H. CohonShoreline4.5
Winston J. McClanahanSeattle4.5
Yessen AmirzhanovKenmore4.0
Yogesh NathRedmond3.0
Zach RogersBellevue3.5
Ziran LinRedmond3.5

Monday, June 13, 2016

Congratulations to the 18 & over PNW Northwest Washington Champions

Following up on the 40 & over local playoffs held a week ago, the 18 & over local playoffs in the Seattle area were held this weekend.  With play completed yesterday, congratulations are in order to this year's local champions.

  • 2.5 Women - RBW-Ge
  • 2.5 Men - MC Kim (No playoff)
  • 3.0 Women - AYTC-Truong
  • 3.0 Men - TCSP-Suzuki
  • 3.5 Women - RBW-Chen
  • 3.5 Men - BC-Simpson
  • 4.0 Women - TCSP-Get a Grip-Lynch
  • 4.0 Men - AYTC-Uyesugi
  • 4.5 Women - EDG-Newby (No playoff)
  • 4.5 Men - MI-Dierickx
  • 5.0+ Women - BC-Strieb
  • 5.0+ Men - STC-Vincent

Now, as in the 40+ division, Northwest Washington is being given wildcards to Sectionals at every level, so the second place teams are headed to Sectionals too.

Congratulations all!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Congratulations to the 40 & over PNW Northwest Washington Champions

This past weekend found the Seattle area (Northwest Washington) local playoffs taking place in the 40 & over division of the USTA League.  Congratulations are in order to each of the champions:

  • 3.0 Women - STC-Hauge
  • 3.0 Men - CP-Greenlaw
  • 3.5 Women - MI-Ko
  • 3.5 Men - STC-Ferry “Jack”
  • 4.0 Women - HBSQ-Marcu
  • 4.0 Men - BTA-Smed
  • 4.5 Women - BC-Strieb
  • 4.5 Men - MI-Dawson

I'd also written earlier that several teams from my club had qualified for playoffs and while none won the local championship, three of the four did finish second and are advancing on to Sectionals!  The 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 men will all be in Spokane.  Congrats Columbia Silver Lake!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

PNW Northwest Washington 40+ 3.5 Women Local Playoff Preview

Local playoffs are here!  This weekend finds the 40 & over teams in the Seattle area having their local playoffs with the winners, and additionally due to Northwest Washington having wildcards at every level, the finalists advancing on to Sectionals.

Our playoff format is to have teams seeded based on their finish in their respective sub-flights and put into a single elimination draw.  Based on the number of sub-flights, some teams have byes in the first round.

It is always fun to preview things to see how well my Estimated Dynamic NTRP Ratings predict the matches.  So here is what the 3.5 Women look like.

First, the top-8 averages for each team.

TCSP-SLICE-Burvill Holmes3.39

From this, Aces, and Bellevue Club appear to be the favorites.  However, due to how they were seeded from the regular season, these teams play each other in the first round!  That is a tough first round match.

The next team, Mercer Island, is favored in their first round match and in another unlucky seeding will play the Aces/BC winner in the semi-finals.

The favorite on the other side would then be Seattle Tennis Club who appears to have the either path to the final and getting a slot at Sectionals.

But if each team doesn't play their top-8, who is deeper could play a factor, and here are how the full roster averages look.

Team NameAverage Rating
TCSP-SLICE-Burvill Holmes3.22
Based on this, Mercer Island would be the favorite.  Will the teams play their best or try to use their depth?

Good luck teams!