Saturday, December 3, 2011

College Football Week 14 Ratings and Rankings - LSU a solid #1, Alabama stays #2

This week's ratings and rankings are now posted.  All of the regular season games are complete except for Army vs Navy, so this is pretty much it until the bowl games.

At the top, LSU and Alabama remain a clear #1 and #2, LSU extending their lead after their convincing win over Georgia.  Oklahoma State does move back ahead of Oregon and has a little separation after their statement game in beating Oklahoma.

My computer never fell in love with Houston like the polls did, and their loss drops them from #11 to #21.  My computer thought Boise State was better all year, and now the polls will agree.  Similarly, it never liked Virginia Tech, they were only #24 and with their schedule them being in the BCS top-10 let alone the top-5 was a farse, and now they are down to #29.

So that leaves us with my computer agreeing with the likely BCS result of saying LSU and Alabama are the two best teams and they'll play in the BCS title game.  However, my BCS algorithm says different, having Oklahoma State #2.  Even my regular algorithm says they played a tougher schedule than LSU or Alabama but their loss to Iowa State hurts them.

The regular algorithm top-25 is below, the full rankings on the web-site.

1LSU95.71913-072.220+0, +0.706
2Alabama91.96011-171.466+0, -0.032
3Oklahoma St87.64911-172.691+1, +1.617
4Oregon85.91811-270.267-1, -0.400
5Arkansas83.74910-271.031+1, +0.043
6Boise St83.15611-165.534+1, -0.462
7Oklahoma83.0719-373.619-2, -1.754
8Stanford83.02911-169.171+1, -0.255
9Wisconsin82.91611-266.621-1, -0.517
10Southern Cal80.41410-270.854+0, -0.267
11Georgia79.61710-371.003+1, -0.522
12Michigan79.61210-268.581+1, -0.225
13South Carolina79.15610-270.179+1, +0.040
14Texas A&M78.8096-673.186+1, -0.265
15Baylor78.7549-372.001+5, +1.291
16Michigan St78.06910-368.212+0, -0.034
17TCU77.44610-263.774+2, -0.119
18Missouri77.3887-571.881+0, -0.201
19Kansas St77.26110-271.644-2, -0.657
20Nebraska76.4829-370.170+2, -0.330
21Houston76.33212-161.215-10, -4.329
22Notre Dame76.2718-470.437+1, -0.133
23Florida St75.8918-464.870+2, -0.100
24Texas75.7547-573.332-3, -1.585
25Southern Miss74.33611-261.932+14, +2.338