Example Individual Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Report

Below is an example individual report for a player's 2016 season.  As of November 2017, this report format has been updated to include more details than before including average match rating by division, records by division and level, averages in or against playoff players, and record when favored or the underdog.  The latest new features are in bold below.

Reports show not just what a player's current dynamic rating is estimated to be, but also a detailed chart showing how each match rated, including calling out singles vs doubles as well as playoff matches, and how the dynamic rating changed as a result.  There is also a partner report showing how the player's matches rated on average when playing with each of their doubles partners.

John Doe
2016 NTRP: 4.0C
Starting Dynamic Rating: 3.92
Estimated Dynamic Rating: 4.12
Match Record: 17-8
Singles Record: 3-1
Doubles Record: 14-7
Adult 18&Over Match Record: 4-1
Adult 40&Over Match Record: 9-6
Adult 55&Over Match Record: 4-1
Favored Match Record: 12-5

Underdog Match Record: 5-3
4.0 Match Record: 13-7
8.0 Match Record: 3-0
9.0 Match Record: 1-1
Sets Won-Lost: 37-21
Games Won-Lost: 267-208
Best Match Result: 4.43 on 10/29/16
Worst Match Result: 3.57 on 8/26/16
Highest Estimated Dynamic Rating: 4.12 on 10/29/16
Lowest Estimated Dynamic Rating: 3.81 on 6/4/16
Singles Average Match Rating: 4.13
Doubles Average Match Rating: 3.94
Singles Average Match Rating by Level:
4.0 - 4.13
Doubles Average Match Rating by Level:
4.0 - 3.91
8.0 - 3.91
9.0 - 4.27
Average Match Rating by Division:
Adult 18&Over - 3.93
Adult 40&Over - 3.96
Adult 55&Over - 4.06
Average Playoff Match Rating: 3.97
Average Match Rating / Matches vs Playoff Players: 4 / 3
Average Opponent NTRP Level: 4.01
Average Opponent Dynamic Rating: 3.87
Average Partner NTRP Level: 4.05
Average Partner Dynamic Rating: 3.87

The chart above shows match ratings from singles matches in green and doubles matches in blue.  The dynamic rating resulting from each match is shown in red.  Wins are shown with the 4-pointed star while losses are triangles.  Matches in playoffs are annotated with an L for local playoffs, D for district/state/regional playoffs, an S for Sectionals, and N for Nationals.

This player was a strong 4.0 to start the year and hovered right under the threshold to be bumped up most of the year, but with their Nationals results moved over and should be bumped up at year-end.

While they played more doubles, they actually had higher match ratings in singles, although that average is buoyed by one really good result at Nationals.  But they had their highest match ratings playing in their 9.0 league.  And they actually had their highest match ratings in the 55+ division compared with their 18+ and 40+ matches.

The table below shows how this player's matches rated when playing with their different partners.

John Doe
Rich Doe24.27
Steve Doe14.05
Barry Doe33.91
Randy Doe53.90
Peter Doe83.90
Kevin Doe13.86
Alan Doe13.85

Reports can be generated for any USTA League player from any section for the all league years since 2013, and many sections before that.  See more on the blog and contact ratings@teravation.net for more information or to request a report.

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