Monday, March 4, 2013

Working on new USTA League tennis reports - Captains will want to look!

Most folks that read my blog know that I have been creating Estimated Dynamic NTRP Reports for a little while now.  See this report for an example of what is included in it.

With the Adult 18+ and 40+ leagues in full swing here in Seattle now, I've been playing with some other team based reports that folks might find useful.  I know the captains on my two teams do.  See the end of this entry for details on how to get the reports for your team or sub-flight.

The first is a summary report for a team showing each players record, current Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating, and a summary of what court(s) they've played in matches.  Here is an example.

Player33.5203.5116462D-1 3D-1
Player84.0213.8394441S-1 2D-1 3D-1
Player103.5113.5100002D-1 3D-1

This report can be useful when looking at your own team, but particularly valuable when looking at an upcoming opponent as it makes it easy to see the strength of each player, their record, and what court they usually play.

The second report is a Head-to-Head comparison, looking at two team's rosters and displaying all the matches/results between the players.  Here is an example, although this one is just partial as they can get quite long if there is a lot of history between the players.

Team Roster Head-to-Head

Erik Hummer
Kyle Quinn Faino2011-04-244.0 MenA3D5,7,7,6,1,0W
Chris Hall
Vasu Reddy2011-02-263.5 MenC1D6,4,6,2W
Rick Eberhardt2011-02-263.5 MenC1D6,4,6,2W
Tyler Sims
Rick Eberhardt2010-04-173.5 MenA1D6,2,7,5W
This report gives a captain an easy look at how his roster has done against another in the past including the court and score.

Since these are brand new reports, I haven't established pricing yet but will offer them on a one-time basis or give discounts for repeating requests for a full sub-flight.  If interested, contact me.

To start, I'm only doing these reports for Northwest Washington in the PNW section, but will be expanding the districts/sections I can do reports for and those who give feedback or make requests will get their areas added first, so let me here from you.  Comments here or e-mail is welcome.

Let me know what you think!

Update: The team report format and content has been updated, example here.