Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Poll Question Up

Thanks to those that voted in the first poll I had on who would finish the season undefeated.  USC led the voting with 26% followed by Florida at 20% and Texas at 13%.  Boise State and Ohio State also garnered votes at 6% but with 33%, the other category won out so I was clearly missing a team or two.

For those that have been following may have noticed, my computer projects only Florida and Boise State to have unblemished records, but Penn State, Alabama, Cincinnati, and USC, all projected to finish with 1 loss, do have decent to good shots at doing so.

For the next poll (should appear in the right column of this blog) I've continued the same question but modified the teams to both remove Oklahoma and add most of the other teams my computer projects to be at 2 losses or better that folks may have wanted to vote for.  If you do vote for "Other" again though, please leave a comment on who it is.  If you voted the first time, do vote again as the counting starts from scratch.

I'll leave this poll open thru Friday the 18th so get your votes in!