Thursday, September 17, 2009

College Week 3 Preview Highlights - Florida/Tennessee, Utah/Oregon, Georgia Tech/Miami, Wyoming/Colorado, Nebraska/Virginia Tech

With week 3 nearly upon us, it is time for a preview of some of the interesting games.  Full picks are here.

The weekend gets started with Georgia Tech visiting Miami tonight.  The computer picks Miami by 3.4 which is less than the 5 point line so the pick is Georgia Tech plus the points.  Note that this gap shrunk from the previous weeks ratings due to Florida's fairly narrow win over Jacksonville St hurting Miami and Georgia Tech's win over Clemson helping them.

It is always interesting to see what upsets the computer picks as they are pretty rare, and this week has one with Wyoming picked by 3 at Colorado when the line is Colorado by 7.  This is due largely to Colorado being 0-2 and losing over 5 rating points after last weeks loss to Toledo.

A good test for both teams and a chance to see how a couple of good teams from major conferences fare is Nebraska at Virginia Tech.  Virginia Tech is favored by 5 but the computer picks them by just 0.6.  With Virginia Tech already losing out of conference to Alabama, ACC bragging rights could take a hit with another out of conference loss.

In a game that potentially has BCS bowl implications both for Utah and the Mountain West conference, Utah visits Oregon and the computer picks them by 0.1, a virtual tie prediction, while the line is Oregon by 4.5.  Folks will likely compare how Utah does against Oregon with how Boise State did when everything shakes out if these two teams can remain undefeated.

Last, there is what likely won't be a good game but will be talked about, Tennessee at Florida.  #1 Florida has rolled but not been tested at all in their first 2 games while Tennessee rolled in their first over Western Kentucky but was upset by UCLA.  The computer says Florida by 24.9 but the line may be over 30 so take the points ... as long as you don't think Urban Meyer will hold a grudge and RUTS :)