Friday, September 25, 2009

2009 Week 4 College Preview Highlights

With week 4 already started, it is time for a preview of some of the interesting games.  Full picks are here.

The weekend got started last night with South Carolina upsetting Ole Miss 16-10.  While my computer did not pick the outright upset, it did pick South Carolina plus the points as it did not have Mississippi rated nearly as highly as the polls (#17 vs #4).

In other games, Notre Dame visits Purdue and is favored by over a touchdown, but the computer actually picks Purdue in the upset by just under a point.  Purdue was helped in their rating by Oregon upsetting Utah.

Houston hosts Texas Tech in what may be their toughest game of the season and is favored by 1 but the computer's pick is a touchdown.  They'll have a chance to prove they deserve their current high rating or not.

After their less than impressive win over Tennessee last week, Florida dropped a bit in the ratings but is still favored by over 3 touchdowns against Kentucky.  Due in part to last weeks closer than expected win, the computer picks Florida by under 2 touchdowns.  I wouldn't want to be Kentucky this week :O.

In the Pac-10, Oregon and Cal meet in what could be an important game given USC's faltering last week and while the game is in Oregon, Cal is favored by around a touchdown.  The computer has Cal about around 4 though so take Oregon and the points.

Also in the Pac-10, Washington has an opportunity to keep the momentum going visiting Stanford where they are a touchdown underdog but the computer picks Stanford by only 4.5 so again take the points.

Last, in the biggest game between ranked teams, Miami visits Virginia Tech.  Consistent with the above games, the computer agrees on the favorite, but has them by fewer points, in this case picking Miami by 1.1 while the line is around 3.  Miami has played only 2 games so their lower pre-season rating is still a bit of a factor so they very well could be higher rated soon.