Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2009 Week 5 College Preview Highlights

With week 5 already started a day earlier than normal, it is time for a preview of some of the interesting games.  Full picks are here.

Last week the computer had a good week overall and in the games I highlighted didn't get Purdue in the upset but had the spread right, got the Houston win correct, had Oregon and the points, and Virginia Tech and the points too.

Hawaii and Louisiana Tech are playing tonight with Hawaii the computer pick but Louisiana Tech the pick by Vegas.  This isn't uncommon for Hawaii as their real road disadvantage is larger than the standard computer factor, and that is proving true with Hawaii losing by 21 as I write this.

So lets get to some games my computer has a shot at picking right!  While it wouldn't ordinarily be a notable game, I highlight South Florida visiting Syracuse as it will be a test to see if South Florida is for real.  With the computer picking them by 24, there is plenty of opportunity for them to fall short which will drop them in the rankings.

Washington visits Notre Dame and while the computer agrees that Notre Dame should win, the margin is only 6 while the line is around 13.5.  Was the win over USC an aberation and they are more like the team that lost to Stanford?  The computer doesn't think so.

I'm a little baffled as to why Tennessee is favored by 2.5 over Auburn as the computer has Auburn winning by 5.1.  Is there an injury I'm not aware of or do the odds makers really like a team that lost at home to UCLA and didn't beat Ohio very convincingly?

Miami hosts Oklahoma and is picked by 1 by the computer while the visitors are the 7 point Vegas pick.  Does Miami recover from the loss or does Oklahoma keep it going after the early loss?

LSU and Georgia appears to be a great game with Georgia the Vegas pick by 3 but the computer liking LSU by a mere 0.2.  Tough to pick, but will home field be enough for Georgia?

Last, in a game that could go far in deciding the Pac-10, USC visits Cal.  USC has already had their misstep in a Pac-10 road game but Cal will be looking to bounce back after last week.  The computer likes Cal by 1.1 even though the line is USC by 5.

Enjoy the games!