Saturday, October 31, 2009

Week 9 College Early Game Review

It is still very early with many games to play, but after a slow 1-2 start in the mid-week games, the computer's picks have gone 8-3 against the spread in the early games today.

The misses were:
  • Ohio/Ball State - The computer had Ohio by 10.5, they won by only 3, spread was 6.
  • Florida State/North Carolina State - Similarly, the computer had FSU by 10.9 but they won by only 3 with a 7.5 point spread.
  • New Mexico State/Ohio State - Ohio State did just enough to cover the 44.5 point spread so the computer missed.
But the wins were:
  • LA-Lafayette/Florida Int'l - The computer pick was Florida Int'l by 1.9 and they won by 3 so Lafayette covered the 5 point spread.
  • Iowa/Indiana - It wasn't pretty, but Iowa finally covered the 17 point spread so the computer's pick by 20.7 was on the right side.  Iowa was a best pick this week as well.
  • Northern Illinois/Akron - The computer had NI by 17 covering the 9.5 point spread and the final was exactly a 17 point spread.
  • Cincinnati/Syracuse - The computer liked Cincinnati by 21.5 covering the 14.5 spread and they won by 21.  Two in a row near perfect picks.  And this pick was one of this weeks best picks.
  • Wisconsin/Purdue - The computers 7.9 pick had Wisconsin covering the 6.5 point spread and the 37 point win easily did that.
  • Auburn/Mississippi - The computer did not pick the upset, but did have Ole Miss by only 0.5, but that meant it got the pick against the 5.5 point spread correct.
  • Baylor/Nebraska - The computer had Nebraska by 5.8, short of the 14 point spread so the 10 point win had Baylor covering as predicted.  This was also a best pick this week.
  • Rutgers/Connecticut - Again, didn't pick the upset (UConn by 6) but with an 8 point spread the upset did get the pick correct.
Let's hope the trend continues!

I may post another update later.