Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ratings Trends and Charts

Computer ratings are great in that they process a bunch of data and spew out a rating, but a simple number or ranking oftentimes doesn't tell the whole story.  Some teams are very consistent and others are all over the place and there may be trends in teams steadily improving or not.  One can look at standard deviations and raw numbers over time, but there is nothing like visualizing it.

To that end, I've created charts for all NFL and FBS teams that show the current rating for reference, each weeks rating for the year, and then dots representing how each game contributes to the overall rating.  The dots are interesting as the size represents the weight of the game and green represents games won and red games lost.

Below is the chart for New England.  You can see that after a slow start and some up and down games, they've been pretty consistent even with the loss to Indy.

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