Monday, November 2, 2009

College Week 9 Complete, NFL Week 8 Nearly So

With Central Florida's comeback win over Marshall last night, week 9 is now officially complete.  I've posted updated rankings and projections but they didn't change that much.  The reason they didn't change much is that the computer nearly nailed the pick having picked Marshall by 0.5 meaning it got the pick right against the spread making it 35-19 for week 9, easily the best week of the year.

Unfortunately in the NFL things didn't go so well.  After three consecutive good to great weeks (10-4, 8-5-1, and 10-3), the computer has come crashing down thus far with a 4-8 record.  The computer picked a number of close games but we had quite a few blowouts.  At least there was no lock pick this week so that record stays an outstanding 7-1 and the overall record is still a stellar 69-44-2.

Tonight the computer does not pick a close game having New Orleans by by 13.6.  With my luck this week, that just means this one will be close.