Sunday, November 8, 2009

2009 Week 9 NFL Early Game Results

After the morning games, the computer went 5-2 against the spread and 5-2 straight up compared to 4-3 straight up for the Vegas line.
  • Atlanta was picked by 19.1 and they won by 14 besting the 8.5 point line so a double win.
  • The computer had Jacksonville by 6.8 so had Kansas City +7 and got it with a late touchdown by KC so a double win.
  • Indianapolis held on to win by 3 and with the line 9.5 and the pick 9.4, barely got the spread, double win.
  • Arizona blew out Chicago which was not picked so a double miss.
  • The computer had New England by 6.6 and they would have won by 7 had there not been a false-start near the end, so a nearly perfect pick, but still got Miami +11 and the win.
  • The computer picked the Cincinnati upset and got it, a win against the spread and straight up.
  • Last, Green Bay was picked by 10.8 but got upset so a double loss given the 9 point line.
Original picks here.