Sunday, November 18, 2012

Will the SEC East play the role of last years SEC West in the BCS?

Last year, we had Alabama and LSU play during the regular season, then with other teams falling by the wayside, the BCS gave us a rematch in the championship game.  Could we have the same thing happen with the SEC again this year, just with the SEC East instead?  It is certainly possible.

Florida and Georgia played the last week of October with Georgia winning 17-9.  Both teams have won out since and could quite possibly be #3 and #4 in the BCS after the rankings come out later today.  Should Notre Dame lose to USC (possible, although perhaps unlikely should Barkley be out), then they move up to #2 and #3 and should Georgia beat Alabama in the SEC championship, you likely have Georgia #1 and Florida #2 in the BCS standings.

Now, a lot has to happen, Georgia beating Georgia Tech, Florida beating FSU, Notre Dame losing, and Georgia beating Alabama, but it is certainly possible.  And after what happened yesterday we can never say the unlikely won't happen.

Of course, we could have the more likely scenario of Alabama beating Georgia and Alabama and Florida being the two SEC teams (my computer at least likes Alabama a lot more than Georgia), but I found it interesting that a reasonable scenario exists where two SEC East teams play for the title rather than two SEC West as we did last year.

Of course, the gotcha in this will be how far K-State and more importantly Oregon fall in the computers and polls.  Both teams have a chance to recover a bit with Texas and Oregon State next week, and if Oregon gets help from UCLA they'd play at 10-2 UCLA in the Pac-12 title game which would also help them in the computers, so don't write them off yet.