Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What matches count towards your USTA year-end rating?

The end of November is coming and with it the USTA releases their year-end ratings.  These are important because it determines what level you can play at in 2013.  Some people want to get bumped up to achieve a goal or increase the challenge, others want to get bumped down so they can play on or assemble a team with championship aspirations.

I've done quite a bit of research and tinkering the past few years (my wife says far too much) and can calculate pretty accurate Estimated Dynamic NTRP Ratings and generate a pretty informative report.  But to do this requires analyzing the proper matches as the USTA does not include every match you play in calculating your rating.  In fact, each section is given some leeway in determining what to include.

There are a few givens though.

If you play enough gender specific matches (I believe it needs to be 3 or more), any mixed matches you play are not included.  If you play mixed but not enough gender specific matches, your mixed matches will be used to calculate a Mixed Exclusive rating.

Then I believe that all gender specific leagues (regular leagues) that have National Championships are included.  This means that your Adult, Senior, etc. leagues that are usually played in the spring (some are early start and begin in the prior fall or winter) with playoffs/districts/sectionals mid-year and nationals in the fall count.

But then a section gets to choose.  For example, In the Pacific Northwest where I play, tournament matches are not included, but a summer "One Doubles" league is.  In the Southern section I'm told that only the regular leagues are included, no Combo or Tri-Level or Singles league matches count.  Inter-Mountain does include tournament matches.  So it varies.

But I'd love to build up a list of what each section counts, so please leave a comment or contact me to let me know what the rules are for your section.