Sunday, November 11, 2012

College Football Week 11 Ratings and Rankings - Oregon remains #1, Alabama only drops to #3

This week's ratings and rankings are now posted.

This week's #1 is the same in Oregon, but there are some changes behind them.  Kansas State moves to up #2 replacing Alabama, but the Crimson Tide, while losing over 4 ratings points, only falls to #3 because of the big lead in ratings points they had.  Oklahoma was supposed to beat Baylor by more than 8 at home and as a result drops 2 spots to #6 allowing Florida, despite losing ratings points, and Texas A&M, to move ahead of them.

Notre Dame, who my computer has never really liked, has a closer than expected game, even with the lower expectations, with Boston College and loses ratings points and falls to #8.

The BCS compatible algorithm ratings and rankings have some changes too with Notre Dame falling from #1 to #3 simply because they played a weak opponent.  This is a clear example of how the rules the BCS has for the computers aren't exactly fair as regardless of the score, Notre Dame was in a lose lose situation by having to play a weak opponent.  The result is K-State is up to #1 and even Florida moves ahead of ND to #2 because their close win, the margin of victory doesn't count with this algorithm, was against a stronger opponent than Notre Dame's, didn't hurt them as much.

Oregon does move up to #4 in the BCS algorithm ahead of Alabama based on the loss.  Oregon will be helped in coming weeks by finally playing some stronger opponents.  And thanks to Alabama losing, may not be in the position of being left out of the BCS picture like they were last week.

The top-25 is below, full ratings on the site.

1Oregon97.13910-071.338+0, -0.437
2Kansas St92.82210-073.146+1, -3.018
3Alabama91.6609-175.471-1, -4.802
4Florida87.9679-176.876+1, -1.936
5Texas A&M87.7788-274.756+3, +0.785
6Oklahoma87.0507-272.725-2, -3.019
7LSU86.8368-273.713+0, -0.398
8Notre Dame86.15810-073.481-2, -2.523
9Southern Cal86.0117-374.919+3, +0.966
10Georgia85.7329-172.622+0, -0.987
11South Carolina85.3328-274.303+0, -1.075
12Oregon St85.2217-278.358-3, -1.499
13Stanford83.2878-275.258+2, +0.077
14Oklahoma St82.7276-370.954+3, -0.267
15Florida St82.6979-162.768-2, -1.875
16Texas82.6388-274.111+0, -0.417
17Ohio State82.35710-068.183-3, -1.455
18Clemson81.8899-166.844+0, -0.866
19Utah St81.7068-266.659+1, -0.626
20Arizona81.3746-475.385+2, -0.683
21Nebraska80.2888-270.513+3, -0.471
22UCLA79.7378-272.259+1, -1.667
23Arizona St79.6105-575.516-2, -2.699
24Wisconsin79.5727-370.351+5, +0.962
25Texas Tech79.5357-372.615-6, -2.959