Sunday, November 25, 2012

Analyzing the 11/25/12 AP Poll - Bias against Oregon?

Here is week 13 of analyzing the AP poll.  Thanks as always to the AP publishing their voting.

All 13 charts are displayed below to make it easy to see the changes.

The top-4 remain the same this week with very little change for each.  Alabama gained 1 point, Georgia 15, and Ohio State 2.  Where it gets interesting is behind them.

Last week Oregon was #5 with a 75 point lead over #6 Florida.  This week, Florida turned that around to a 20 point lead over Oregon.  Oregon beat a then and still #16 Oregon State on the road by 24 and actually lost 4 points.  That isn't to say that Florida didn't do well, they did win by 11 on the road against a then #10 and now #13 FSU.  But both win on road against similar competition, and the team that wins by more loses points while the one that wins by less gains 91?  There seems to be some serious bias against Oregon with these voters.  Oregon even got a 2nd place vote this week, they didn't last, and lost points.

Ohio State still has the largest spread of the top teams garnering 2nd to 12th place votes.  You have to drop all the way to Stanford to get to the next team getting a 12th place vote.  And like last week, Texas A&M is getting a 2nd place vote ahead of a bunch of 1-loss (and Ohio State with no losses) teams.