Sunday, November 11, 2012

Analyzing the 11/11/12 AP Poll - Alabama drops to #3 but ahead of Notre Dame on one ballot

Here is week 11 of analyzing the AP poll.  Thanks as always to the AP publishing their voting.

All 11 charts are displayed below to make it easy to see the changes.

With Alabama losing, there are some changes.  Oregon is up to #1 and receives only 1st and 2nd place votes.  Kansas State at #2 receives 1st thru 3rd place votes, and Notre Dame gets a 1st place vote but also two 4th place votes.  One voter has Alabama ahead of them, and one has Ohio State.  Note my computer agrees Notre Dame is too high, but voters don't always vote like they should :)

Florida is the first team that has varying opinions being votes everywhere from 4th to 18th.  Oregon State also has a bit of a range from 12th to 25th.