Sunday, November 25, 2012

When will USTA NTRP Year End Ratings be out? Get a report while you wait

[this post was for 2012 year-end ratings, click here to see information for 2013]

Many people are expecting that the USTA will publish year-end ratings tomorrow at 5pm, but TennisLink doesn't seem to be announcing that like prior years.  The speculation is based on it being the Monday after Thanksgiving which is when the ratings typically come out, but this year, Thanksgiving is the earliest it can be making the Monday after only November 26th.  So, it could be that they won't be ready until the following Monday December 3rd.

If that is the case, we'll all have to wait an extra week, but that also gives everyone another 7 days to get a preview and details of what goes into their rating from an Estimated Dynamic NTRP Report.

An example of a report is below.  It shows the current NTRP level of the player, what their Estimated Dynamic NTRP is (what I calculate), some match/set/game statistics, the best and worst match results and dates of the match, and the highest and lowest Estimated Dynamic NTRP and corresponding dates.

But the cool part is the chart that shows each match rating and what the Estimated Dynamic NTRP is as a result of the match.  This allows you to see specifics about matches and trends throughout the year.

Jane Doe
Current NTRP: 3.0
Estimated DNTRP: 2.76
Match Record: 4-8
Sets Won-Lost: 13-16
Games Won-Lost: 112-117
Best Match Result: 3.04 on 2012-03-18
Worst Match Result: 2.53 on 2012-03-11
Highest Estimated DNTRP: 2.86 on 2012-01-29
Lowest Estimated DNTRP: 2.73 on 2012-03-11

I've done reports for players in the Pacific Northwest, Southern Cal, Northern Cal, Inter-Mountain, Texas, Midwest, Southern, Florida Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast sections but should be able to do for most any section.

Contact me to learn more or if you have any questions.