Sunday, November 18, 2012

College Football Week 12 Ratings and Rankings - Oregon still #1?

This week's ratings and rankings are now posted.

And after "what happens in November" happened, who is #1?  My computer says Oregon!

Oregon had such a big lead in the ratings last week (5.5 points over Alabama) and the team right behind them K-State also lost, so even though they lost to Stanford and gave up nearly 4.5 ratings points, their rating is still ahead of Alabama's.  Alabama was not helped by playing Western Carolina, and won't really be helped by playing Auburn next week while Oregon will be helped by playing Oregon State, so unless Oregon continues to falter, they could very well stay at the top of the heap in my computer.

What about Notre Dame?  They won convincingly for once, but against a very weak opponent so simply did what they were supposed to do.  Their rating improved ever so slightly and they move up 2 spots, but that was more due to LSU and Oklahoma making their games closer than they should have been and falling.

The SEC does have 4 teams in my top-10, but the Pac-12 now has 3 as well.

It is interesting to note that Ohio State is undefeated and would ordinarily be getting lots of BCS love and national attention, but because they aren't eligible for the post season they are being largely ignored.  My computer says they should be ignored just based on results too as despite being 11-0, are ranked only #14, due in large part to clearly having the weakest schedule of any team in the top-15.

The BCS compatible algorithm ratings and rankings do have Notre Dame now on top and they are followed by Florida and Ohio State, with Alabama down at #4.  Oregon and K-State fall all the way to #7 and #8 respectively.

The top-25 is below, full ratings on the site.

1Oregon92.71010-172.007+0, -4.429
2Alabama91.26410-172.030+1, -0.396
3Texas A&M87.3609-273.808+2, -0.418
4Florida87.04810-174.442+0, -0.919
5Kansas St87.02810-173.706-3, -5.794
6Notre Dame86.45011-072.749+2, +0.292
7Oregon St86.2438-277.567+5, +1.022
8LSU85.6349-273.696-1, -1.202
9Stanford85.5279-277.113+4, +2.240
10Oklahoma85.4118-272.875-4, -1.639
11Georgia85.28110-171.269-1, -0.451
12South Carolina84.3059-272.255-1, -1.027
13Southern Cal84.2247-475.594-4, -1.787
14Ohio State83.79811-069.212+3, +1.441
15Oklahoma St83.7517-370.975-1, +1.024
16Florida St83.34310-163.571-1, +0.646
17Texas82.7318-274.297-1, +0.093
18Utah St82.4409-267.703+1, +0.734
19Arizona82.3017-475.533+1, +0.927
20Clemson82.29810-167.080-2, +0.409
21Nebraska81.5419-270.585+0, +1.253
22UCLA81.4229-273.352+0, +1.685
23Baylor79.4255-575.871+16, +3.676
24Michigan79.3468-371.466+4, +1.119
25Arizona St79.2866-573.490-2, -0.324