Sunday, November 18, 2012

College Football Week 12 Season Projections - Only Ohio State Undefeated?

The projected records for the regular season using results through week 12 are now available.  These projections now include projected conference championship games.

And then there was 1!  And it isn't even one of the teams from last week.  Instead, Oregon and K-State fall by the wayside, and Ohio State by virtue of winning at Wisconsin is now projected to finish at 12-0.  Notre Dame's chances at being undefeated go up to 46% with their win over Wake Forest, but more importantly USC looking a little weaker than they did.  Still, that game is at the Coliseum so my computer still favors the Trojans.  It of course can't factor in Barkley's availability.

The teams with one or fewer losses below, full list on the site.

TeamRecord% chance% +1% -1
TeamRecord% chance% +1% -1
Ohio State12-
Notre Dame11-153.946.10.0
Kansas St11-
Northern Illinois12-