Sunday, November 25, 2012

College Football Week 13 Ratings and Rankings - Oregon stays #1

This week's ratings and rankings are now posted.

Oregon stays #1 this week, in fact increasing their lead over Alabama who also improved slightly.  Florida improves the most of any team in the top-10 and moves ahead of Texas A&M to #3.

Oregon's improvement is largely from their win over a good Oregon State team while Alabama played a weak Auburn team but benefited from the SEC winning in general over some non-SEC opponents (Florida over FSU, Georgia over Georgia Tech, South Carolina over Clemson).  And while Florida improved their rating the most, Georgia made the biggest move up to #7, up 4 spots.

What about Notre Dame?  Their rating did improve after their win over USC and they are up to #5, but my computer still says they aren't the best team in the country.

The BCS compatible algorithm ratings and rankings do have Notre Dame on top and they are followed by Florida and Ohio State, with Oregon up to #4 ahead of Alabama at #5.  A computer that can't take margin of victory into account has to ding Alabama for a weak Auburn opponent while Oregon benefits from a strong Oregon State team.  We'll see what the actual BCS computers do later today.

The top-25 is below, full ratings on the site.

1Oregon93.98311-173.073+0, +1.273
2Alabama91.67211-171.655+0, +0.408
3Florida89.28811-175.872+1, +2.240
4Texas A&M88.39310-274.031-1, +1.033
5Notre Dame87.97712-073.981+1, +1.527
6Kansas St87.36910-173.988-1, +0.341
7Georgia87.07911-171.780+4, +1.798
8Stanford86.41910-277.222+1, +0.892
9South Carolina86.36810-273.698+3, +2.063
10LSU85.70910-274.194-2, +0.075
11Oklahoma85.2259-273.541-1, -0.186
12Oregon St84.3988-378.310-5, -1.845
13Oklahoma St83.7377-472.357+2, -0.014
14Ohio State83.35412-069.689+0, -0.444
15Southern Cal82.8317-576.039-2, -1.393
16Utah St81.93610-266.110+2, -0.504
17Florida St81.47510-264.626-1, -1.868
18Texas81.2288-374.529-1, -1.503
19Nebraska81.04710-270.493+2, -0.494
20Clemson80.22810-267.731+0, -2.070
21Arizona St80.1767-574.041+4, +0.890
22Arizona80.1387-575.060-3, -2.163
23Baylor80.0886-576.182+0, +0.663
24Michigan79.7758-472.775+0, +0.429
25UCLA79.6779-373.924-3, -1.745