Monday, September 3, 2012

Ways to follow the Schmidt Computer

It is the beginning of the football season, so for any new readers of this blog, here is a summary of all the ways to follow the Schmidt Computer.

Obviously, you can read this blog.  It is the primary place that regular postings and various commentary on the ratings, predictions, projections, and the BCS will appear.  So point your RSS reader here.  And if you want to join the dialog, feel free to leave comments and I'll respond to as much as I can.

The ratings themselves are posted on the web-site.  You can jump directly to College or the NFL and see both the current and past ratings, projections, and predictions there.

You can also follow @computerratings on Twitter.  It is a good way to be notified about new postings on the blog, but you'll also see other commentary and discussions, and it is the easiest way to ask questions or join the dialog.

If you prefer Google+, check out the Schmidt Computer Ratings page there.