Sunday, September 16, 2012

College Football Week 3 Ratings and Rankings - Alabama and LSU remain 1 and 2

This week's ratings and rankings are now posted.

Alabama  and LSU remain in the top 2 spots without much significant change, but there is a new #2 in Georgia after they won and had prior opponent Missouri get a win over ASU who had thumped Illinois.  K-State stays in the top-4 and Texas makes a move into the top-5 with Florida also making a big move to #6.

Other big moves are by Notre dame to #9, Florida State to #12, Texas A&M to #13, and Arizona to #14.

With 3 games played by most teams, the impact of the pre-season (last years end of year rating) rating is  diminishing and we are getting a clearer picture of this years teams.  Clearly, the SEC is strong, with the  teams ranked 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, and 13, nearly half of the top-13 teams, but it helps having 14 teams in conference as well.  The Big-12 is holding their own with the teams ranked 4, 5, 7, and 10.  The spoilers to the SEC/Big-12 party are Notre Dame at #9, Stanford at #11, and FSU at #12.  In addition to Stanford, the Pac-12 fills out the 2nd 10 with Arizona, Oregon, USC, and ASU at 14, 15, 17, and 20.

This early in the year, the computer hasn't hit its stride picking games yet, but did go 26-20-1 against the spread and did pick Stanford to upset USC.

The top-25 is below, full ratings on the site.

1Alabama93.7703-070.338+0, -0.009
2LSU91.6523-061.755+0, -1.342
3Georgia86.8823-057.996+2, +4.475
4Kansas St83.8483-059.337-1, -0.058
5Texas83.2193-061.147+12, +5.590
6Florida82.3753-072.958+12, +5.957
7Baylor82.1872-062.025-3, -1.483
8South Carolina82.0493-061.845+0, +0.755
9Notre Dame81.5303-069.556+17, +5.806
10Oklahoma80.8822-057.893+3, +2.012
11Stanford80.5483-068.882+3, +1.775
12Florida St80.4333-046.720+23, +7.358
13Texas A&M80.1531-173.802+19, +5.376
14Arizona80.1413-061.822+14, +5.163
15Oregon80.0493-055.062-9, -1.829
16West Virginia79.6032-061.123+0, +1.464
17Southern Cal79.0562-169.600-6, -0.891
18Cincinnati79.0342-048.583+5, +3.100
19Boise St78.2241-166.819-12, -3.143
20Arizona St77.9282-165.862-11, -2.640
21TCU76.8832-048.880+17, +4.832
22Nebraska76.4942-164.883-3, +0.102
23Oklahoma St76.4622-160.028+29, +6.366
24UCLA76.4603-064.191+6, +1.555
25Purdue76.1492-162.643+18, +4.762