Sunday, September 30, 2012

College Football Week 5 Ratings and Rankings - New #1 in Florida

This week's ratings and rankings are now posted.

And for the 2nd week in a row, we have a new #1, this week in Florida.  They were helped by Alabama dropping slightly, but more by Florida improving due to previous opponents doing well; Texas A&M thumping Arkansas 58-10 and Tennessee playing within 7 points of Georgia on the road.  Oregon's somewhat lackluster performance against a bad Washington State team is what drops them to #3 and Georgia was hurt by letting the game with Tennessee be so close.

LSU falters a bit more after beating Towson by only 16 and Stanford falls 10 spots to #20.

The top-25 is below, full ratings on the site.

1Florida91.2824-071.966+4, +2.091
2Alabama90.9025-064.979+0, -1.058
3Oregon87.6105-057.765-2, -4.773
4Georgia87.0915-063.098-1, -4.356
5Texas A&M86.8883-167.028+4, +3.107
6Texas85.4334-068.748+0, +0.212
7Kansas St85.3294-061.593-3, -4.684
8South Carolina84.5725-066.488+0, +0.182
9Texas Tech84.5364-064.097+8, +5.816
10Florida St84.5355-054.589-3, -0.180
11Notre Dame80.0864-068.764+3, -0.285
12Arizona St79.8754-166.064+0, -1.279
13West Virginia79.7674-064.716+7, +2.082
14LSU79.4485-059.005-1, -1.128
15Baylor79.1173-169.211+0, -0.687
16Oklahoma78.7492-162.843-5, -2.752
17Tennessee78.5213-265.352+7, +2.008
18TCU77.9694-055.946+0, -0.100
19Clemson77.8844-167.599+4, +1.320
20Stanford77.6213-170.740-10, -3.961
21Southern Cal77.5403-165.583-5, -1.659
22Purdue77.2893-164.342-1, +0.254
23Rutgers76.9984-058.705+6, +1.587
24Mississippi St76.4484-054.167+10, +2.486
25Oregon St75.8793-074.433+17, +3.285