Sunday, September 23, 2012

College Football Week 4 Ratings and Rankings - Oregon the new #1

This week's ratings and rankings are now posted.

And we have a new #1 in Oregon.  They made a huge leap in the ratings after their throttling of Arizona, while Alabama lost a few points not such much to do playing Florida Atlanta, but more due to Michigan and Arkansas not doing as well as expected.  Georgia stays #3 and K-State stays at #4 even with a +6 in the ratings as the computer had their game with Oklahoma being a virtual tie.

What happened to LSU?  They dropped to #14 after a 2 point win over a struggling Auburn.  Clemson and Mississippi State handled Auburn more convincingly and Clemson lost to FSU so that puts LSU's performance in perspective.

The top-25 is below, full ratings on the site.

2Alabama91.9604-062.900-1, -1.810
3Georgia91.4474-058.739+0, +4.565
4Kansas St90.0134-061.320+0, +6.165
5Florida89.1914-070.640+1, +6.816
6Texas85.2213-064.166-1, +2.002
7Florida St84.7154-052.051+5, +4.282
8South Carolina84.3904-064.851+0, +2.341
9Texas A&M83.7812-165.282+4, +3.628
10Stanford81.5823-070.508+1, +1.034
11Oklahoma81.5012-167.523-1, +0.619
12Arizona St81.1543-167.137+8, +3.226
14Notre Dame80.3714-068.873-5, -1.159
15Baylor79.8043-064.477-8, -2.383
16Southern Cal79.1993-167.312+1, +0.143
17Texas Tech78.7203-057.279+9, +3.145
18TCU78.0693-052.745+3, +1.186
19Arizona77.9823-167.998-5, -2.159
20West Virginia77.6853-061.174-4, -1.918
21Purdue77.0352-164.638+4, +0.886
22Cincinnati76.9292-052.188-4, -2.105
23Clemson76.5643-167.174+7, +1.851
24Tennessee76.5133-158.573+17, +4.096
25Louisiana Tech76.4743-062.933+21, +4.572