Monday, September 3, 2012

College Football Week 1 Projections - Two Undefeated Teams, Alabama and Oklahoma State

The projected records for the regular season are now available.

There are two teams projected to finish the regular season undefeated now, Alabama and Oklahoma State.  Alabama impressed and with LSU not being as impressive and being their toughest test, they are now projected to be undefeated and at 74% an odds on favorite to do so.  Oklahoma State has a great shot as well at 48%

Three teams, Ohio U, Oregon, and LSU, are projected to have just one loss, Ohio U having the best chance at going undefeated at 39%.

It is still very early, with just1 game played, projections are anything but precise but it is still fun to follow.

The teams with 2 or fewer losses below, full list on the site.

TeamRecord% chance% +1% -1
TeamRecord% chance% +1% -1
Oklahoma St12-
Ohio U.11-140.939.116.4
Boise St10-241.341.314.7
Michigan St10-234.824.024.5
Florida St10-