Saturday, September 29, 2012

Estimated NTRP Ratings for the Denver Metro Area are available

I've been calculating Estimated NTRP ratings for Northwest Washington for a bit, and doing so garnered some interest from players in the Denver area, enough that I am now set up to calculate ratings for women that played in Adult, Senior, Super Senior, Summer Daytime, Daytime Doubles, and Trio leagues.

I have not posted the full ratings, but instead am creating a summary report for individuals for a small fee that shows the following information:
Jane Doe
Current NTRP 3.5 (dynamic range 3.01-3.5)
Estimated Rating: 3.65
Match Record: 10-1
Sets Won/Lost: 21/3
Games Won/Lost: 125/40
Best Result: 5/15/12, 6-1,6-1 had 3.88 match rating
Worst Result: 2/18/12, 3-6,1-6 had 3.20 match rating
Highest Rating: 3.65 on 7/15/12 after 6-1,6-2 match

Based on your estimated rating being well into the dynamic range for a NTRP 4.0 player, I would expect you would be bumped up when the year end ratings come out.

Note: The estimated rating is based on the regular season league matches available and and is only an estimate. There is no guarantee that this estimated rating will match the actual year end rating published by the USTA.
If you played in any of the women's leagues listed above and are interested in getting the above report for yourself, please contact me at