Monday, September 24, 2012

NFL Week 3 Ratings and Rankings - Houston to #1

The ratings after week 3 are now posted and listed below as well.

There are a lot of moves as the ratings from last year are no longer a factor for the most part and teams are represented by their performance this year.  Houston moves up a spot to #1 with the 49ers loss, and Atlanta and Arizona both also move up as does Seattle after their controversial win.

Even with the 49ers losing, the NFC West now has 3 of the top-7 teams and as I wrote last week, are they for real?

The computer did not have a good week going just 7-8-1 against the spread, but did pick the Seattle upset and did go one game better than Vegas picking winners, 6-10 vs 5-11.

1Houston93.0313-083.038+1, +3.287
2Atlanta91.1743-082.382+3, +4.229
3Arizona90.7853-085.368+3, +4.742
4Seattle88.7092-185.673+5, +2.829
5Baltimore88.5352-182.496-2, -0.207
6New England87.6331-285.639-2, +0.025
7San Francisco86.9672-182.780-6, -4.689
8Denver86.7591-288.011+2, +1.173
9Green Bay85.8281-285.305-1, -0.175
10San Diego84.1582-179.255-3, -1.848
11Dallas83.4052-183.640+2, -0.167
12Chicago83.2382-177.914+5, +1.146
13NY Jets83.1712-182.117+2, +0.612
14Pittsburgh82.8281-282.642-2, -0.831
15Philadelphia82.7632-185.601-4, -1.671
16NY Giants81.3862-177.481+3, +1.089
17Miami81.1491-282.732+1, +0.328
18Cincinnati80.0912-181.548+3, +2.009
19Minnesota80.0852-178.577+8, +4.316
20Detroit79.4271-280.640-4, -3.123
21Buffalo79.3732-177.961+4, +2.619
22Washington78.6261-277.275-8, -4.687
23Jacksonville78.2061-283.224+5, +2.564
24Tampa Bay77.8261-280.667+0, +0.264
25St Louis77.3571-281.431-5, -1.931
26Oakland74.9961-281.712+4, +0.837
27Tennessee74.5961-282.739+2, -0.321
28Cleveland74.4820-379.742-2, -2.261
29Carolina74.2111-275.863-7, -3.808
30Indianapolis73.5571-279.510+1, +0.678
31Kansas City73.2291-281.641+1, +1.291
32New Orleans71.3770-374.355-9, -6.497