Monday, September 3, 2012

College Football Week 1 Ratings and Rankings - Alabama clear #1

This week's ratings and rankings are now posted.

Alabama remains #1 after their convincing win, and Oklahoma State makes a big move up after their 84-0 win but is still over 2 ratings points behind.  LSU falls after their closer than expected win but is still well ahead of Oregon.  Baylor makes a big move up to #5 and Boise State, even though they lost and lose ratings points, stays at #6.  They are able to do this as Arkansas fell over 5 ratings points to #11 and no team other than Baylor was able to move ahead.

It is still very early, with just one game played we really know very little about the teams yet, but it is interesting to see some of the initial moves and indications.

The top-25 is below, full ratings on the site.

1Alabama96.9191-078.019+0, +0.773
2Oklahoma St94.6721-017.827+1, +7.203
3LSU87.8891-059.455-1, -6.107
4Oregon84.7401-063.875+0, -0.815
5Baylor82.3381-062.327+9, +3.331
6Boise St81.6580-183.246+0, -2.425
7Oklahoma81.6121-065.720+0, -1.788
8Nebraska81.3041-066.001+17, +6.424
9Southern Cal80.9871-057.949+2, +1.377
10South Carolina80.8031-076.914+0, +0.112
11Arkansas80.3231-053.950-6, -5.117
12Michigan St80.2461-078.658+7, +2.425
13Notre Dame79.7831-062.628+10, +4.195
14Texas A&M79.1370-00.000-1, +0.000
15Michigan78.0190-196.919+0, -0.773
16TCU77.9510-00.000+2, -0.000
17Georgia77.5701-056.027-5, -1.891
18West Virginia77.5561-057.477+9, +3.275
19Wisconsin77.4631-067.946-10, -4.543
20Texas77.3131-059.652+1, +0.972
21Kansas St76.8131-051.405-1, -0.100
22Florida St76.5961-047.946+0, +0.493
23Tennessee76.4771-066.262+12, +3.806
24Stanford76.0321-066.556-16, -6.515
25Ohio State75.4571-055.232+18, +4.443