Monday, September 17, 2012

Interesting Week 3 College Football Game Review

I wrote a post on some interesting games in week 3, let's see how the computer fared.

First up, the computer gave ASU credit for their big win over Illinois, so much as to pick them to upset Missouri on the road.  The upset didn't happen, but ASU did cover, so a good pick there.

Next, Florida State had played nobody and so was hard to rate, and this proved to be true as they beat up on Wake Forest by far more than expected.  Missed that one.

The computer liked Boise State to cover despite the big line, and they did.  Good pick there.

In the Alabama/Arkansas game, the computer tried to give Arkansas the benefit of the doubt picking them to lose by just 17, but they are clearly a different team from last year with their QB missing and they lost big.  Missed there.

Last, the computer picked Stanford to pull the upset and indeed they did.  Great pick here.

So all in all, the computer went 3-2 against the spread in these games and only missed picking the winner in one, missing on the ASU upset in what turned out to be a close game, and did pick the Stanford upset.  And the two games missed against the spread were due to FSU playing meaningless games the first few weeks and Arkansas also being difficult to rate given their situation.  Not too bad!