Sunday, September 9, 2012

College Football Week 2 Ratings and Rankings - Alabama remains #1, LSU moves to #2

This week's ratings and rankings are now posted.

Alabama remains #1 after easily handling Western Kentucky, but LSU moves to #2 less than a point behind them after thumping Washington.  There is a huge (>9 points) gap back to K-State at #3 and Baylor at #4, then another SEC team at #5 and Oregon makes its mark at #6.  Boise State while idle gets passed by a few teams and falls to #7.  The SEC shows up again at #8 with South Carolina and the Pac-12 has a second team in the top-9 with #9 ASU, and the SEC has an astonishing 5th team in the top-10 with Mississippi State.

So, the top-10 has 5 SEC teams, 2 Pac-12 and Big-12, and Boise State.  Is that indicative of the real strength of the conferences this year?  Many teams have played 2 games now so there is a little more validity to the ratings but things can certainly still change significantly as the more meaningful games are played.

But let's take a look at some of the moves.

Alabama lost some ratings points, that was due to playing a weak opponent, but more importantly their first week opponent Michigan, winning by only 6 at home over Air Force and their rating dropping.

Another SEC team was upset, Arkansas, and fell dramatically all the way down to #34.  It will be interesting to see how they fare in the SEC and how this loss in turn affects the rest of the conference.

A team not doing that great in my ratings but #2 in most of the polls is USC.  They won in New Jersey against Syracuse but not that impressively and so have not made a move up.  But they go to #14 Stanford next week so have a chance to make a statement.

Oklahoma State was rated high last week based on last year and their meaningless drubbing of Savannah State not giving any reason to drop them, but their loss to Arizona by 21 does tell us something and they drop all the way to #52.

The top-25 is below, full ratings on the site.

1Alabama93.7792-068.117+0, -3.140
2LSU92.9942-060.493+1, +5.105
3Kansas St83.9062-060.891+18, +7.093
4Baylor83.6701-065.221+1, +1.332
5Georgia82.4072-064.409+12, +4.837
6Oregon81.8782-060.826-2, -2.862
7Boise St81.3670-182.651-1, -0.291
8South Carolina81.2942-068.757+2, +0.491
9Arizona St80.5682-060.029+23, +6.849
10Mississippi St80.3452-050.939+24, +6.970
11Southern Cal79.9472-061.782-2, -1.040
12Michigan St79.6512-068.155+0, -0.595
13Oklahoma78.8702-053.820-6, -2.742
14Stanford78.7732-064.202+10, +2.741
15Tennessee78.4812-049.780+8, +2.004
16West Virginia78.1391-058.749+2, +0.583
17Texas77.6292-055.611+3, +0.316
18Florida76.4182-068.439+13, +2.691
19Nebraska76.3921-170.789-11, -4.912
20Ohio State76.3602-059.886+5, +0.903
21Texas Tech76.2362-052.945+34, +7.079
22Louisville76.0242-059.444+15, +3.000
23Cincinnati75.9341-058.285+12, +2.617
24Ohio U.75.9322-065.594+12, +2.655
25Clemson75.8142-064.159+1, +0.450