Sunday, January 1, 2012

College Football Week 18 Ratings and Rankings -

This week's ratings and rankings are now posted.  These ratings are through the 12/31 bowl games.

Most of the top teams are still to play their bowl game, so there aren't radical moves in the top-25, but we can begin to see the effect of the results of games closely related to the top teams.  The SEC was supposed to go 2-1 but Auburns big win has buoyed the SEC teams ratings a touch which has moved Arkansas ahead of Boise State who was hurt a fraction by Tulsa's loss.  The Big-12 has also improved a bit with a 5-1 record thus far and they now have 5 of the top-16 teams and 7 of the top-20 teams.

The regular algorithm top-25 is below, the full rankings on the web-site.

1LSU95.83613-072.390+0, +0.100
2Alabama92.13411-171.458+0, +0.142
3Oklahoma St87.77611-172.830+0, +0.189
4Oregon85.11311-269.511+0, -0.421
5Arkansas83.92610-271.100+1, +0.117
6Boise St83.91512-165.699-1, -0.128
7Oklahoma83.54310-373.603+0, +0.513
8Wisconsin83.01111-266.670+0, +0.072
9Stanford82.24311-168.390+0, -0.441
10Georgia79.74910-371.068+1, +0.003
11Southern Cal79.56410-270.167-1, -0.458
12Michigan79.54810-268.514+0, -0.006
13South Carolina79.26610-270.187+0, +0.050
14Baylor79.08710-371.982+1, +0.397
15Texas A&M79.0487-672.967-1, +0.306
16Missouri78.1498-571.740+2, +0.904
17Michigan St77.99510-368.182-1, -0.057
18TCU77.50911-264.253-1, +0.145
19Kansas St77.48410-271.788+0, +0.278
20Texas76.4238-573.265+4, +0.771
21Houston76.36912-161.233-1, -0.185
22Nebraska76.3169-369.946-1, -0.037
23Florida St76.3099-465.655+0, +0.438
24Notre Dame75.7778-570.843-2, -0.349
25Southern Miss74.52912-262.515+0, -0.129