Tuesday, January 10, 2012

College Basketball Week 10 Ratings and Rankings

This week's ratings and rankings are now posted.

Due to the closeness at the top and a few big wins, there is a swap at the top.  Ohio State thrashed their two opponents and while Syracuse also won two games, they were closer and Ohio State moves to #1. The big mover in the top-10 is Kansas moving to #4 after beating two top-50 teams.

The top-25 is below, the full rankings on the web-site.

1Ohio State88.43715-270.572+1, +0.844
2Syracuse87.13817-070.351-1, -0.918
3Kentucky86.48415-169.286+0, -0.372
4Kansas85.94612-373.562+9, +2.330
5North Carolina85.64214-269.699+1, -0.552
6Michigan St85.44714-271.777+1, +0.107
7Missouri85.34914-167.605-3, -1.009
8Baylor84.97914-069.745-3, -1.338
9Kansas St84.51912-271.956+3, +0.850
10Duke84.33313-274.441-1, -0.409
11Indiana84.27415-170.890-3, -0.508
12UNLV83.28614-271.621+4, -0.036
13Murray St82.84013-069.995+2, -0.728
14St Mary's CA82.44212-269.837-3, -1.308
15Alabama82.13712-372.252+12, +1.552
16Georgetown DC82.09512-271.516-2, -1.495
17Gonzaga82.08913-270.526+5, +0.487
18Michigan82.06112-370.740+20, +2.711
19Florida81.80612-470.609-9, -2.130
20Seton Hall81.65814-271.459+6, +0.930
21St Louis U.81.58712-368.998-3, -0.938
22California81.50313-470.855-1, -0.101
23Creighton81.34213-270.257-4, -0.758
24Wisconsin81.27212-571.074-7, -1.868
25West Virginia81.02512-472.959+15, +1.855