Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 NFL Playoff Previews Subscription Available

I have been creating detailed playoff game previews using my computer ratings for the past few years and this year is no different.  I will be posting the previews on this blog right around game time, but for those wanting to get them 5+ days before the game, a subscription for the 2012 NFL playoff games is available for $10.

These previews include performance charts, stats on each team's record against the spread as well as the computers picks for the teams, comparison of common opponents, and finally the computer's pick on the winner and against the spread.  For an example of a past previews, see last years Baltimore/Pittsburgh playoff game and a free preview of Pittsburgh at Denver has already been posted.

Previews for all playoff games will be sent via e-mail at least 5 days before each game, and likely earlier than that.

How do the computer's picks do you ask?  See the Prediction Performance page for details, but even with a few bad weeks where the computer can't take injuries and late season meaningless games into account, it went 139-111-6 against the spread, 28-22-1 on best picks, and 10-1 on locks.  It also went 167-89 picking winners almost exactly the same as Vegas' 167-88 record.

To subscribe, click the button below.