Sunday, January 1, 2012

Week 17 NFL Ratings and Rankings Posted - Green Bay finishes #1

The NFL ratings after week 17 are now posted here and below.

There wasn't a lot of change in this weeks rankings, the top 7 remain the same and Houston simply drops 2 spots with Atlanta and Philadelphia moving up in the top 10.  Green Bay's gap to #2 got a bit smaller and New Orleans is very very close to New England for #2.

Who is rated highly but not making the playoffs?  Philadelphia is ranked #9 ahead of NFC East winner New York, my computer thinking they are the better team despite finishing a game back.  San Diego is ranked #11, ahead of wildcard Cincinnati and AFC West winner Denver.  Again, my computer says they are the better team despite the record.  And in fact, San Diego would have won the AFC West using the old tie-breaker system.

Look for playoff chances to be posted shortly.

1Green Bay90.39115-180.805+0, -0.170
2New England88.52713-380.630+0, +0.395
3New Orleans88.51813-380.212+0, +0.574
4San Francisco87.32813-380.376+0, -0.204
5Pittsburgh86.06212-480.935+0, -0.073
6Baltimore85.75512-480.788+0, +0.614
7Detroit84.57710-682.269+0, +0.197
8Atlanta84.06210-681.360+1, +0.244
9Philadelphia84.0188-881.401+1, +0.512
10Houston83.20710-680.183-2, -0.622
11San Diego82.7168-881.520+3, +0.790
12NY Giants82.6139-782.357+3, +0.824
13Chicago82.3688-882.211-1, +0.221
14Cincinnati81.9779-780.875-3, -0.595
15Seattle81.9467-981.530-2, -0.181
16NY Jets81.7618-881.653+1, +0.058
17Miami81.5756-1081.485+1, -0.029
18Tennessee81.0629-780.278+1, +0.538
19Dallas80.9818-881.299-3, -0.752
20Carolina80.0396-1081.333+0, -0.477
21Arizona79.9948-881.220+2, +0.166
22Denver79.5358-881.923+0, -0.616
23Oakland79.4958-881.731-2, -0.763
24Kansas City78.9037-981.819+1, +0.632
25Buffalo78.7706-1082.033-1, -0.341
26Minnesota77.5293-1382.474+1, -0.275
27Washington77.4985-1181.662-1, -0.553
28Jacksonville77.1975-1181.147+0, +0.126
29Cleveland76.6844-1281.709+0, +0.123
30Tampa Bay74.1484-1282.933+0, -0.373
31Indianapolis74.0492-1481.725+0, -0.015
32St Louis73.9092-1483.314+0, +0.237