Saturday, October 30, 2010

How the BCS does picking games compared to my computer part 2

Continuing what I promised as part of my analysis of the BCS, here is week 2 of tracking how well the BCS predicted games as compared to my computer.  Last week my computer picked 3 of 4 games right and the BCS picked 2 of 4.

The following are the games between BCS top-25 teams:
  • #5 Michigan State vs #18 Iowa - The BCS clearly liked Michigan State but my computer liked Iowa.  Schmidt Computer 1, BCS 0.
  • #6 Mizzou vs #14 Nebraska - Again, the BCS liked Missouri quite a bit, and my computer did very narrowly, just short of picking the upset correct.  SC 1, BCS 0.
So, after two weeks, my computer extended its advantage, now picking 4 of 6 correct while the BCS is 2 of 6.

Stay tuned.