Sunday, October 17, 2010

2010 Week 7 College Football Ratings and Rankings; Oregon #1, TCU #2, Boise St #3

For the third week in a row, Oregon finds themselves at #1 and by a wide margin.  But there is a lot of change behind them with half of the top-10 being new members.  And with Oregon's fairly tough schedule the remainder of the year (3 are top-25 in the rankings and  all 6 are top-50) that gap could change or they could solidify their stranglehold.

The change behind them starts with TCU leapfrogging Boise State to move to #2 due primarily to BSU playing a far weaker opponent than TCU this week.  Stanford moves to #4 based on prior opponents USC and Notre Dame winning big and their only loss being to far and away #1 Oregon on the road.  Missouri leaps into the top-10 at #5 and Oklahoma moves up right behind them.  Michigan State also joins the top-10 as does Utah and Auburn with Iowa a hold over from last week between them.

With several new teams in the top-10, it can be helpful to look at performance charts.  First lets compare Missouri and Oklahoma, particularly since they are in a virtual ratings tie and play next week.

Missouri has been on a steady climb playing their two best games of the season the last two weeks.  OU on the other hand had their big win over FSU early, then struggled in a few games before having a good performance against a not so strong Iowa State this week.

Michigan State started off playing creampuffs so hard to judge them early, but has hit their stride the last 3 weeks.

Auburn has been pretty consistent, with the big win over Arkansas key to them moving up.

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1Oregon94.5766-064.927+0, +1.423
2TCU86.8707-064.904+2, +0.011
3Boise St86.4416-065.717+0, -1.266
4Stanford85.9625-174.387+3, +1.089
5Missouri84.7356-065.924+10, +3.066
6Oklahoma84.3276-071.651+6, +2.004
7Michigan St83.8997-064.501+11, +3.847
8Utah83.8226-060.297+8, +2.321
9Iowa82.8465-162.968+1, +0.034
10Auburn81.6017-068.101+13, +3.007
12Arizona St81.2833-374.883+7, +1.480
13Southern Cal81.1505-270.801+14, +4.168
14Ohio State80.9736-165.440-9, -5.885
15Alabama80.4896-168.229-6, -2.561
16Arizona80.3955-166.866-3, -1.804
17Florida St80.1776-166.197-6, -2.276
18LSU79.9367-066.946-1, -0.755
19South Carolina79.9264-271.073-5, -2.085
20Wisconsin79.4896-164.034+15, +5.276
21Nevada79.0236-163.571-15, -6.215
22Oklahoma St78.3486-063.639+7, +2.270
23Oregon St78.1503-379.300-2, -1.281
24Virginia Tech78.0425-267.068-4, -1.626
25Miami FL77.5884-268.702+0, -0.531
26Air Force77.5105-265.133+0, -0.237
27California77.4843-373.084-19, -5.656
28Texas76.8544-271.689+11, +3.564
29Mississippi St76.7565-266.731+1, +0.904
30North Carolina St75.6605-266.497-6, -2.635