Sunday, October 24, 2010

2010 Week 8 College Football Ratings and Rankings; Oregon #1, TCU #2, Missouri #3

And Oregon is still #1.  Full rankings on the site, but top-30 below for quick reference.

Oregon's margin over #2 TCU stays over four points, but is less than the nearly eight it was last week.  This is due to prior opponent ASU losing big to Cal and also Stanford's closer than expected win over WSU.

There is a new #3 in Missouri close behind TCU at #2.  Missouri replaces now #4 Boise State based on their win over Oklahoma.  The computer did pick the Missouri win and upset, one of the correct picks in a decent 28-22-1 week against the spread, but they still get moved up a bit based in part on Boise State dropping with some prior opponents doing more poorly than expected.

Utah makes a move up continuing their undefeated season at #5 and Ohio State bounces back too getting back into the top-10 at #8.

Cal makes the biggest move up in the top-30, 11 spots, and it is interesting to look at their performance chart as that is an effective way to see how schizophrenic they have been.

They've had no games that even overlap with their current rating.  They are either playing great (Colorado, UCLA, ASU), or poorly (Nevada, USC).  The Arizona loss was actually a pretty good result for them too.

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As noted above, the computer had a pretty good week going 28-22-1 against the spread, this after going 30-23 last week.  Picks meeting the lock criteria also went 3-1 after going 5-2 last week.  See the prediction performance for more details.

1Oregon91.6157-064.135+0, -2.961
2TCU86.8648-064.802+0, -0.006
3Missouri85.0287-066.943+2, +0.293
4Boise St84.7566-064.287-1, -1.685
5Utah83.6717-059.314+3, -0.151
6Stanford82.3176-170.572-2, -3.645
7Oklahoma81.9566-172.177-1, -2.371
8Ohio State81.9557-164.486+6, +0.982
9Nebraska81.4436-166.320+2, +0.112
10Michigan St81.3258-063.629-3, -2.574
11Iowa81.1205-265.363-2, -1.726
12Arizona81.0826-166.663+4, +0.687
13Auburn81.0638-067.955-3, -0.538
14Southern Cal80.6925-270.095-1, -0.458
15Alabama80.4107-167.345+0, -0.079
16California79.7644-372.676+11, +2.280
17Wisconsin79.7337-165.233+3, +0.244
18Florida St79.6176-165.444-1, -0.560
19Miami FL79.5465-269.038+6, +1.958
20Nevada79.1106-162.837+1, +0.087
21South Carolina79.0625-269.269-2, -0.864
22LSU77.9097-168.030-4, -2.027
23Virginia Tech76.8286-264.293+1, -1.214
24Oregon St76.7493-378.134-1, -1.401
25Arizona St76.5513-474.343-13, -4.732
26Oklahoma St75.6456-164.607-4, -2.703
27Arkansas75.6265-267.579+4, +0.136
28Mississippi St74.9766-264.644+1, -1.780
29Pittsburgh74.7914-368.488+6, +0.433
30Clemson74.5784-362.130+8, +0.794