Sunday, October 17, 2010

2010 Week 7 College Football Projections; Oregon, Boise State undefeated

Here are the projected records for the regular season using results through week 7 of the season.  Full projections on the site.

And then there were 10.  With Nevada, Ohio State, and Nebraska all losing, there is still a surprising number of undefeated teams at this point of the season.  Last year at this point there were just 7.

But unlike last week where 4 teams were projected to finish unblemished, that number is down to 2 this week, those being Oregon and Boise State.  Oregon has a reasonably tough schedule the rest of the year with USC, California, Arizona, and Oregon State, but has a 62% chance of no losses.  Boise State's chances were helped a bit by Nevada proving to be fallible and is at 52%.

Of the other 8, 6 are projected to have 1 loss, of those the teams with the best chance of finishing undefeated are TCU (48%), Michigan State (39%), and Auburn (26%).