Sunday, October 3, 2010

2010 Week 5 College Football Rankings and Review; Oregon #1, Alabama #2, Stanford #3, tOSU #4, Nebraska #5

There were some big games in week 5 including several decisive wins leading to a shakeup in the rankings.  The full rankings are on the web-site, but the top-30 is below for quick reference.

Stanford's stay at #1 was short lived with their loss to Oregon propelling Oregon to #1 and dropping Stanford to #3.  Alabama's convincing win moves them up to a strong #2.  Right now, Oregon and Alabama are far and away the top-2 with #3 thru #13 as close as #3 is to #1.

Nebraska makes a big move to #5 due primarily to their last opponent, Washington, pulling the upset at USC.  Iowa also moves up right behind at #6.  Virginia Tech's resurgence helps Boise St get back to the top-10.

While Oregon has a substantial lead on Alabama right now, that is due in large part to the extra couple of TDs at the end of their game.  So it is always useful to look at the performance charts.

Alabama has been more consistent but Oregon's big win over Stanford is the difference.  If Stanford falters the rest of the year, that will hurt Oregon, but the same goes for Florida and Alabama.

Performance charts for all teams are available as part of a newsletter subscription.

Picking games, the computer was ok doing well picking winners beating Vegas but not well against the spread going 22-28-1 against the spread and 39-12 picking winners while Vegas went 38-12 picking winners.  The computer is still 125-118-2 against the spread for the year though.  Full prediction performance here.

2Alabama92.6125-069.325+1, +4.796
3Stanford88.9724-173.808-2, -6.230
4Ohio State88.0795-063.966-2, +0.000
5Nebraska87.1434-058.223+10, +6.511
6Iowa87.0774-166.612+4, +3.437
7TCU85.6515-063.789-1, +0.321
8Arizona85.2364-067.080-1, +0.762
9Miami FL84.5193-169.376+2, +1.020
10Boise St84.4664-066.451+2, +1.846
11Nevada83.3085-062.871-7, -2.496
12Florida82.8604-171.693-4, -1.054
13Arkansas80.9523-162.817+6, +2.376
14Virginia Tech80.4913-272.868+6, +2.098
15California79.8452-272.226+1, -0.672
16Oklahoma79.6095-070.580+6, +2.738
17Missouri79.3474-062.051+10, +3.383
18Kansas St78.5824-069.196+0, -0.466
19UCLA78.5563-273.676-6, -2.620
20LSU78.2695-068.335-11, -5.468
21Michigan77.3135-065.635+4, +0.841
22San Diego St77.2423-155.333+19, +4.709
23Auburn76.5875-062.767-6, -2.463
24North Carolina St76.4524-166.940-10, -4.509
25Air Force76.2944-161.040+3, +0.664
26Oklahoma St76.1334-062.967+0, -0.248
27Florida St76.0244-162.847+18, +3.784
28Penn State75.9903-273.181-4, -0.506
29South Carolina75.4653-164.856-6, -1.346
30Arizona St75.0652-370.540+9, +2.240