Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2010 NFL Week 5 Ratings and Rankings; Pittsburgh #1, Baltimore #2, Jets #3

After four to five games each, we can start to get a clearer picture of teams, and the computer finally started predicting games better!

And idle Pittsburgh moves up a spot to the top of the rankings with a slight margin over the Jets and Baltimore in a virtual tie.  The AFC dominance continues with four of the next five, Atlanta being the only NFC team to break things up at #6.

The big mover of the week is the Giants after easily handling what had been a good Houston team.  Houston in turn is a big loser for the week but New Orleans topped them and falls to #29 despite a 3-2 record.

Why is New Orleans so low?  Their performance chart is telling:

Their wins are over teams with a combined 1-13 record and they lost to the only good team they played (Atlanta) and a bad Arizona team with a rookie quarterback starting his first game.  And what may be more concerning for Saints fans is that the performance seems to be in a steady decline.

The computer finally had a good week predicting games going 9-5 against the spread and 7-7 picking winners versus Vegas going 5-9 picking winners.  The computer also went 3-0 on best picks and 2-0 on locks.

Stay tuned for an entry on projected regular season records.