Sunday, October 10, 2010

2010 Week 6 College Football Ratings and Rankings; Oregon #1, Nebraska #2, Boise St #3

And Oregon stays #1.  But there is a new #2 and #3 with Nebraska and Boise State making big moves up.  Ohio State rolls and stays #4 and TCU and Nevada make small moves up to #5 and #6.

Nebraska makes the move based on their stomping of previously undefeated K-State and Boise State does it based partially on their convincing win, but more based on previous opponents VaTech still improving and Oregon State knocking off previously undefeated Arizona.

To understand this, it can be helpful to look at the performance charts for the teams.

Oregon's #1 is based on them playing their best in their two most meaningful games (larger dots) against ASU and Stanford.

Nebraska has also played well in their meaningful games.

Boise State has been very consistent and like noted above is being helped by Va Tech and Oregon State improving since they played.

And Ohio State has been very consistent, but doesn't have a really big result to pull them higher.

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Full rankings on the site, but top-30 below for quick reference.

1Oregon92.9196-065.027+0, -3.170
2Nebraska92.1395-063.664+3, +4.996
3Boise St87.4835-067.561+7, +3.017
4Ohio State86.6726-063.035+0, -1.407
5TCU86.4986-065.066+2, +0.847
6Nevada85.0386-062.957+5, +1.730
7Stanford84.6455-173.588-4, -4.327
8California82.9213-272.875+7, +3.076
9Alabama82.7715-170.165-7, -9.841
10Iowa82.6064-161.547-4, -4.471
11Florida St82.2585-167.847+16, +6.234
12Oklahoma82.1135-071.379+4, +2.504
13Arizona81.9954-168.439-5, -3.241
14South Carolina81.7274-169.233+15, +6.262
15Missouri81.4755-063.382+2, +2.128
16Utah81.2835-059.345+25, +8.481
17LSU80.4106-070.254+3, +2.141
18Michigan St79.8916-062.342+20, +6.807
19Arizona St79.5973-373.086+11, +4.532
20Virginia Tech79.3824-269.765-6, -1.109
21Oregon St79.1943-280.247+15, +5.552
22Arkansas78.7444-165.913-9, -2.208
23Auburn78.2926-066.150+0, +1.705
24Miami FL77.9303-270.518-15, -6.589
25North Carolina St77.7915-165.256-1, +1.339
26Air Force77.5525-162.609-1, +1.258
27Southern Cal76.7404-269.896+12, +3.776
28Florida76.3874-268.507-16, -6.473
29Oklahoma St75.6535-061.592-3, -0.480
30Mississippi St75.5484-264.945+15, +4.223