Sunday, September 12, 2010

2010 Week 1 NFL Football Preview; Panthers/Giants, Eagles/Packers, Pats/Bengals, Jets/Ravens, Colts/Texans

The computer is using last years end of season ratings so this is really just for entertainment purposes, but here is a preview of some key games in week 1.  Although, the computer did pick the Saints by 5.6 and they won by 5, so maybe these aren't such a bad starting point!

Full picks are here and a newsletter is available to subscribers giving much more details and specific picks against the spread.

Carolina visits the Giants in the regular season opener for the new stadium.  The Giants are favored by 8 but the computer (from last year remember) actually picks the upset and Carolina by 0.8.  If both teams are anything like last years teams, Carolina seems the pretty good pick.

The Kevin Kolb era begins as Philly hosts Green Bay with the visitor favored by 3.  Being at home though, the computer likes Philly by 2.5.  The result of this game will tell us a lot about Kolb being a drop in replacement for McNabb or not.

New England hosts Cincinnati picked by 4 but the computer likes them by 7.3.  How big a difference does Cincy having both Ocho and T.O.?

The Jets get their chance to open the new stadium hosting Baltimore and are favored by 1.5 and the computer says that isn't enough, picking them by 3.7.  Will the Jets live up to all the pre-season hype?

And in a game that could go a long way to determining the division champ, Indy visits Houston favored by 3 and while the computer picks them to win, it is very narrowly by only 0.1.  Look for a close competitive game.

Enjoy the games!