Monday, September 20, 2010

2010 NFL Week 2 Ratings and Rankings; Green Bay #1, Houston #2, Pittsburgh #3

As is often the case in week 2, there are more surprises and a few perhaps unexpected results in the new rankings.

While New Orleans won it was a lot closer than expected and against a team that had lost to a team that lost big this week.  This allowed Green Bay to take over #1 and a surprising Houston team is up to #2.  And perhaps Pittsburgh doesn't miss Big Ben at all as they move to #3 this week.

Baltimore and New England drop after losses but stay in the top-10 but Dallas has the largest drop of the week down 11 spots to #24.

Given how much teams change from last year and how varied performances can be early in the year, the predictions were not very good going 6-10 against the spread and 8-8 picking winners vs Vegas going 9-7.

See another post in a few minutes on projected records after week 2.

1Green Bay89.3692-078.888+2, +2.264
2Houston87.7762-083.134+4, +2.462
3Pittsburgh87.1722-083.419+6, +3.616
4New Orleans85.9712-078.163-3, -2.781
5NY Jets85.7781-182.057+2, +1.816
6Miami85.5752-083.052+5, +2.711
7Indianapolis85.4051-184.120+3, +2.331
8Atlanta85.2461-182.323+6, +2.765
9Baltimore85.1601-186.311-5, -0.953
10New England84.9541-183.311-8, -2.161
11San Diego83.7031-181.336+5, +2.411
12Minnesota83.0850-285.773-7, -2.844
13Kansas City82.4762-080.393+10, +3.381
14Tennessee81.5921-175.851-2, -1.257
15Washington80.8631-179.838+5, +0.556
16Cincinnati80.8451-185.057+6, +1.198
17Philadelphia80.7571-181.270-2, -1.079
18Tampa Bay80.4802-075.844+7, +2.883
19NY Giants80.4631-180.005-11, -3.269
20Jacksonville80.1951-180.842-3, -0.873
21Chicago79.9552-075.535+5, +2.985
22Seattle78.0231-175.611-1, -1.945
23Denver77.9811-179.109+5, +1.722
24Dallas77.9000-280.409-11, -4.821
25Arizona77.4751-180.983-7, -3.352
26Cleveland77.0830-281.478+1, +0.795
27Buffalo77.0180-287.472-3, -1.374
28Carolina74.6050-280.471-9, -6.006
29San Francisco73.2410-281.997+0, -2.452
30Detroit73.1710-280.356+2, +2.145
31St Louis70.7200-274.002+0, -0.507
32Oakland70.5301-176.156-2, -1.638