Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2010 NFL Week 1 Ratings and Rankings; New Orleans #1, New England #2, Green Bay #3

Week 1 of the NFL season brought a few surprises and with them some interesting changes in my computer's rankings.  The rankings are below but see the site for more details.

The Saints stay #1 which is no surprise, but there is quite a bit of shakeup behind them.  The Patriots, Packers, and Ravens all made strong moves to get ahead of Minnesota, even though Minnesota's rating didn't drop much at all.  Houston also made a strong move up as did the Giants.

Indianapolis and Dallas were big losers as was San Diego.  They certainly hope week 1 is not what we can expect to see the rest of the year.

Given how much teams change from last year and how varied performances can be early in the year, the predictions were not very good going 7-9 against the spread and 8-8 picking winners vs Vegas going 11-5.

See another post in a few minutes on projected records after week 1.

1New Orleans88.7521-082.929+0, +0.088
2New England87.1151-076.647+3, +1.568
3Green Bay87.1051-084.836+5, +2.367
4Baltimore86.1131-086.962+5, +1.425
5Minnesota85.9290-191.752-3, -0.088
6Houston85.3141-080.074+7, +2.683
7NY Jets83.9620-183.113-1, -1.425
8NY Giants83.7321-077.611+13, +3.443
9Pittsburgh83.5561-079.481+5, +1.464
10Indianapolis83.0740-188.314-6, -2.683
11Miami82.8641-081.392+7, +1.966
12Tennessee82.8491-069.168+7, +2.361
13Dallas82.7210-183.307-10, -3.209
14Atlanta82.4810-186.556-2, -1.464
15Philadelphia81.8360-184.105-5, -2.367
16San Diego81.2920-182.095-9, -3.601
17Jacksonville81.0681-073.259+8, +3.798
18Arizona80.8271-074.227-3, -1.001
19Carolina80.6110-186.732-8, -3.443
20Washington80.3071-079.721+6, +3.209
21Seattle79.9681-072.693+9, +5.567
22Cincinnati79.6470-190.115-5, -1.568
23Kansas City79.0951-078.292+5, +3.601
24Buffalo78.3920-179.864-4, -1.966
25Tampa Bay77.5971-073.288-1, -0.154
26Chicago76.9701-068.026-3, -1.473
27Cleveland76.2880-180.597+0, +0.154
28Denver76.2590-184.068-6, -3.798
29San Francisco75.6930-182.968-13, -5.567
30Oakland72.1680-185.849-1, -2.361
31St Louis71.2270-177.827+0, +1.001
32Detroit71.0260-179.970+0, +1.473