Monday, September 6, 2010

2010 Week 1 College Football Recap; Boise St and TCU projected to be undefeated

What a great way to finish the first week of college football season.  Boise St. let the game slip away then snatched it back at the last minute.  Entertaining stuff.

And with the win, Boise St. moves up to #3 in the computers rankings and they are right behind TCU and not that far behind Alabama.  As noted earlier, trying to have accurate ratings after a single game is difficult at best but Boise St. certainly didn't hurt their chances with the win.  They now need Virginia Tech to play well the rest of the season.

As far as picking games, the computer went 24-13-1 against the spread and 31-7 picking winners versus Vegas going 33-4.  Considering the computer simply used last years end of season ratings, that isn't all bad.

With one game done, we can no update the regular season projections and see that both TCU and Boise St. are projected to finish undefeated.  That shouldn't be a big surprise given their schedules, particularly Boise St's.  They do have a 34% and 36% chance of one loss though so it isn't a done deal by any stretch.  Two teams, Alabama and Ohio State are projected to have a single loss and each has a decent chance at going undefeated at 38% and 24% respectively.

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