Sunday, November 21, 2010

Schmidt Computer BCS Algorithm Update; Oregon #1, Auburn #2, Stanford #3

I created an algorithm that follows the BCS rules awhile ago and shared the current rankings last week, so figured I shared them again, particularly since this can give some insight into what the BCS computers might do.

There is no change in the top-3, Auburn actually getting slightly closer to Oregon, but behind them there is some shakeup.  TCU moves up two spots due to Nebraska's loss and also LSU playing a weak Ole Miss.  Boise's win over a decent Fresno State also helped them boosting them a couple of spots to #7.

In the competition for the highest ranking among Big-Televen teams, Wisconsin stays ahead and up 3 spots to #10 despite Ohio State gaining more ratings points but only moving up 1 to #14.

Even though this is a different algorithm than my preferred standard one, the analysis of Stanford being the best one-loss team holds up and they have nearly a full point ratings advantage over LSU.  Oklahoma State is very close behind them though.

1Oregon86.74010-074.266+0, -0.250
2Auburn86.47011-072.971+0, -0.296
3Stanford84.91910-176.247+0, -0.113
4TCU84.55111-072.916+2, +0.247
5LSU84.04710-174.052-1, -0.641
6Oklahoma St83.81610-174.567+1, -0.471
7Boise St83.45910-072.533+2, +0.547
8Missouri83.4309-276.607+0, +0.252
9Oklahoma82.9939-276.350+3, +0.829
10Wisconsin82.85810-172.326+3, +0.788
11Nebraska82.8289-275.097-6, -1.505
12Texas A&M82.4838-376.852+4, +1.234
13Arkansas82.4579-274.638+1, +0.795
14Ohio State82.41510-172.648+1, +1.074
15Michigan St82.31510-171.997-4, -0.005
16Alabama81.8609-274.315-6, -0.535
17Nevada80.21110-171.524+2, +0.256
18Arizona80.0367-375.080+0, -0.295
19Virginia Tech79.7709-272.673+5, +0.913
20Southern Cal79.6287-477.257-3, -1.492
21South Carolina79.6008-374.154-1, -0.307
21Utah79.6009-273.230+4, +0.885
23Iowa78.4937-474.344-2, -0.942
24Florida St78.4208-373.552+4, +0.570
25Mississippi St78.1867-473.938-3, -1.143