Sunday, November 7, 2010

How the BCS does picking games compared to my computer part 3

Here is week 3 of my tracking how well the BCS predicts games compared to my computer.  Through two weeks, my computer was correct in 4 of 6 games while the BCS was just 2 of 6.

The following are the games between BCS top-25 teams:
  • #3 TCU vs #5 Utah - We both had TCU ranked higher and my computer picked them to win even though the game was at Utah.  Would the BCS have done so too?  In any case SC 1, BCS 1.
  • #6 Alabama vs #10 LSU - Both picked Alabama, but my computer nearly picked LSU having Alabama by just 0.3.  In any case, SC 1, BCS 1.
  • #15 Arizona vs #13 Stanford - Both picked Stanford to win.  SC 2, BCS 2.
  • #21 Baylor vs #17 Oklahoma State - Both picked Oklahoma State.  SC 3, BCS 3.
  • #18 Arkansas vs #19 South Carolina - Assuming no home field advantage for South Carolina, BCS picked Arkansas and my computer picked South Carolina.  SC 3, BCS 4.
So, after three weeks, my computer gives up a game but still leads the BCS, now picking 7 of 11 correct while the BCS is 6 of 11.

Stay tuned.